*Payal Ghosh Opens Up about Being on Calorie Deficit Diet and Prepping for her next movie*

Our food is loaded with energy in the form of calories to perform bodily functions, but we tend to eat more calories than required by the body. These excessive calories get stored as fat. Celebrities who are planning to get rid of extra fat and lose weight, prefer to take on a calorie deficit diet that suits their body. Being on fewer calories helps in burning extra fat stored in thighs, belly, hips and in other parts of the body.

Payal Ghosh is gearing up to be seen in her movie Red alongside Krishna-Abhishek. Talking about her diet and preparations, the actress informs, “I’m on a calorie-deficit diet right now, I eat only 1000 calories every day and one meal in a week I cheat. Thsoe days I indulge enjoy foods that I love.”

She adds, “I’m not into so much gym, I would rather brisk walk. I am also into kickboxing right now. Since I prefer cardio, for me it’s 8-10 kms regular walking and thrice a week, I do kick boxing. You could say that I’m a fitness freak, I love exercising for hours whenever I’m free. Staying in shape is not only important for my profession, but it also boosts my confidence level. It gives me that happy feeling all the time when I exercise. I am preparing my body for my next movie.”

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