Paytm launches new ad campaign, says its pioneered QR and Soundbox will keep working Today, Tomorrow, Always

● With this campaign, company thanked its massive merchant network for their continued support and digital India partners, for helping in countering rumours

One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading payments and financial services company and the pioneer of QR and mobile payments, has launched a new print advertising campaign to reassure users and merchants that its QR, Soundbox and card machine will continue to work ‘today, tomorrow, and always’.

Paytm reiterated that its innovative payment devices are here to stay. The company also thanked its digital India partners, who helped the company in countering any rumours. The ad also asked readers and its user base to refer to numbers 21 and 22 of FAQs released by the central bank that answers questions that users or merchants may have about the Paytm QR code, Soundbox and Card Machines.

From the FAQs, point no 21:

Q: I am a merchant and I accept payments using a Paytm QR code, Paytm soundbox or Paytm POS terminal, linked to another bank account (not with Paytm Payments Bank). Can I continue to use this set-up even after March 15, 2024?

Yes. If your receipt and transfer of funds is linked to any bank account other than Paytm Payments Bank, you can continue to use this arrangement even after March 15, 2024.

Paytm Spokesperson said, “As pioneers of QR code, soundbox and mobile payments in India, we have always been at the forefront of the Digital revolution in India. With this ‘India’s every Paytm QR & Soundbox will keep working Today, Tomorrow, Always’ campaign, we aim to dispel any rumours, and confirm that our innovative devices will continue to empower merchant partners with seamless payments.”

The company was the first to launch QR code-based payments in India. It also pioneered audio-based confirmations with the Paytm Soundbox, which revolutionised in-store payments in the country. Paytm’s payment devices have seen widespread adoption by the merchants, enabling small and medium businesses with robust growth.

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