Pearl Academy’s Creative Career Conclave highlights new age-careers and the vast opportunities in the fashion & design sectors

April 21, 2023: Pearl Academy, India’s leading creative education institution, organized a ‘Creative Career Conclave’ (CCC) in the city for students and parents. CCC is a forum for bringing representatives from the creative industries in-person with parents and students to address their concerns, questions, and doubts about exploring a career in the fashion & design industries. The conclave offered an interactive platform for career options, opportunities, and courses designed for the future.

Pearl Academy’s Dean, Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Designer and Founder Ashish Soni; Pearl Alumnus and Designer Divyam Mehta and Design Head and Partner, Envisage, Meena Murthy Kakkar were part of the discussions. Creative Career Conclave is a platform for young budding designers and fashion aspirants who want to ‘know-it-all’ when it comes to Creative Careers today – what is and what will be, especially concerning technology.

Commenting on the initiative, Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Dean, Pearl Academy said, “We established the Creative Career Conclave to raise awareness and assist students in selecting the best course of study and career. The fields of fashion and design offer various career options that many students and their parents are still unaware of. Creative students have a lot to gain from the growing demand for professionals who are prepared for the workplace. The conclave’s enthusiastic reception supports our conviction that young people’s creative energy can be directed in a way that benefits them and serves as a catalyst for change.”

The discussion was centered on how Creative careers are different as they most often prioritize flexibility, exploration, and self-expression. The panelist inspired students to explore their passion and navigate the constantly evolving landscape. They also focussed on the need for students to develop a wide range of skills, from technical abilities to networking and personal branding. The panelists also quipped that many creative professionals find their careers incredibly rewarding as they have an opportunity to create something unique and thereby create a meaningful impact on the world. They also stated that creative careers offer the potential for financial success, recognition, and personal fulfillment. Overall, pursuing a creative career requires a combination of passion, skill, and persistence. It is a journey that requires creativity, adaptability, and the ability to stay focused and committed to one’s goals. For those willing to take on challenges and embrace the opportunities, a career in the creative field can be truly fulfilling and rewarding.

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