Personal lubricants help enhance your intimate experiences

It’s a great time to live and prosper, as seeking pleasure is no longer a taboo. In every sphere of life, people are seeking to derive maximum pleasure from their everyday experiences. The quest for pleasure has become even more compelling in case of intimate relationships, where people just can’t seem to get enough of it. To help enhance the pleasure derived from intimate relationships, a wide variety of products are available in the market. One such product that has witnessed increased demand in recent times from individuals and couples alike is Personal Lubricants, collectively and informally referred to as ‘lube’. Some of the most popular lubes currently available include Durex, Moods and Kamasutra.

Personal lubricants are specially formulated lubricants that are designed to enhance pleasure during human sexual acts such as intercourse, masturbation, etc. On the most basic level, they work by reducing friction to or between the penis and vagina, and anus. Personal lubricants can also be applied to sex toys, so that friction is reduced and penetration becomes a lot more pleasurable. These can also be applied to other body parts, as per the preferences of an individual, or sexual partners. Currently, a wide variety of personal lubricants are available, many of which are designed to enable new experiences rather than just reducing friction. Leading brands such as Durex, Moods and Kamasutra offer customers a comprehensive range of lubes to choose from.

(I). Types of Personal Lubricants by Composition

Water based

Water based personal lubricants are the most widely used personal lubricants. One of their key distinguishing features is that they are water soluble. These products contain various agents that enable even application, moisture retention and a line of defense against contamination. One major advantage of water based personal lubricants is that their viscosity can be adjusted by adding liquid agents such as water or saliva. These do not leave any sticky residue, which eliminates the prospect of messing up clothes, bed linen, etc. Since these are water based, they evaporate after use, thereby effectively eliminating the need to clean up.

Oil based

Oil based personal lubricants such as petroleum based lubricants are best for relationships wherein the use of condoms is not required. If used with condoms, oil based personal lubricants can affect the elasticity of condoms, which can lead to slippage or breakage. Oil based personal lubricants are good for acts such as masturbation, massaging of human sexual organs by a partner, etc. These can also be used effectively on sex toys, as they significantly reduce friction on moving parts.

Silicon based

Silicon based personal lubricants do not contain any water and they provide an altogether different experience, as compared to water based personal lubricants. These do not penetrate the skin or mucus membranes, which ensures that they last longer, as compared to water based lubricants. For use with condoms, one has to ensure that the product is certified latex-safe. Not all silicon based lubricants are latex-safe, so it’s essential to find the right one when using it with condoms. Silicon based personal lubricants may not work well with sex toys, as most sex toys are made from silicon. These may react and might damage the sex toys over prolonged use.


(II). Types of Personal Lubricants by Usage

Vaginal Lubricants

Vaginal personal lubricants are designed to reduce vaginal dryness and pain that some women may experience during intercourse. Specialized vaginal lubricants based on mineral oil, canola oil, and hydroxyethylcellulose-based lubricants have been deemed effective by The Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for use by couples attempting conception. These are far better alternatives, since human saliva and olive oil based formulations have shown to be detrimental to sperm function.

Penile Lubricants

These are specially formulated to reduce friction and enhance pleasure during intercourse. Flavored and edible varieties are also available, which enable new experiences for couples engaging in oral sex. Penile lubricants are also good for men who may be facing the problem of tight foreskin. Some penile lubricants come with spermicidal and anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.


Personal lubricants designed specifically for masturbation are remarkably soft and work great at reducing friction. These carry a creamy texture, since they have to deal with a lot more friction, as compared to sexual intercourse.


These are a lot thicker than the standard personal lubricants, as the requirement for such acts is that the lubricant stays in place. Some of these come with numbing properties to ease the discomfort experienced during anal sexual acts. However, it is generally advised not to go for numbing agents since they tend to cause more injury.

(III). Specialty Personal Lubricants

Specialty personal lubricants include those that have cooling properties, which help prolong the act of sexual intercourse. Some specialty lubricants are also designed to render a feeling of warmth, which creates a new experience for users. Flavored and edible lubricants also fall in the category of specialty personal lubricants.

(IV). Organic Personal Lubricants

People who prefer the natural way can opt for organic personal lubricants that are prepared using organic ingredients such as aloe vera, algae, etc. Since these are made from natural ingredients, they reduce the risk of adverse conditions such as skin rashes, allergic reactions etc.

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