Pet-friendly Arlo smart camera for peace of mind

Media OutReach Newswire – 27 March 2024 – Leaving your pet at home can be worrying, especially if you’re gone for travelling. Pet owners often wonder what type of camera is best to keep an eye on their furry friend. An indoor camera can show you firsthand that your pet is safe and happy while you’re gone. With Arlo, you and your pet can enjoy peace of mind at home for good.

Automated Privacy Shield

1. You don’t need an advanced indoor pet camera

2. Monitor your pet virtually 24/7

You can connect with your pet virtually by speaking to them through a microphone and speaker. Your pet can hear your voice throughout the day, and you can even train them remotely. While your dog may not always “sit” or “stay” still while alone at home, you can try to keep them off the couch from your phone.

3. Protect your privacy

While you’re away keep an eye on family members and pets, and when you’re home, your privacy is guaranteed with the Automated Privacy Shield. Easily close the shield with a tap via the
Arlo Secure app.
4. Control footage on the cloud
The AI-driven
Arlo Secure subscription plan offers cloud recording with much better resolution than standard pet-cameras. You can also view live videos through the Arlo app anytime, anywhere and receive customized notifications triggered by motion or sound detection.
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