“Pioneering Mental Health Startups: Spearheading Innovation in Mid-2024’s Mental Wellness Landscape”

As it’s Mid-2024, the realm of mental healthcare is poised for a significant metamorphosis, led by a cadre of pioneering startups. These visionary enterprises, driven by the ethos of ‘Transforming Mental Wellness,’ are on the cusp of introducing groundbreaking advancements that will redefine how mental health services are accessed and delivered. At the core of their mission lies a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the mental healthcare landscape, employing cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies to enhance the quality, accessibility, and efficacy of mental health support.

Join the change to delve into the journey of Six dynamic mental health startups, each primed to spearhead a fundamental shift in the years ahead.”


Launched on 15th August 2021, LISSUN is an organization that has been established to address the rising challenge of mental illness in society. LISSUN was founded by two industry veterans Krishna Veer Singh and Tarun Gupta to provide individuals with the right guidance, therapies, and solutions for their emotional and mental wellbeing in a world full of conflicts. The platform offers self-diagnosis through tech tools and then provides the necessary treatment to the patient. The brand’s vision is to change the lives of millions of people and benefit them by providing psychological support in all aspects of their daily lives.



Amaha, our mental health organization, offers comprehensive self-care, therapy, psychiatric services, and more. With centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, plus online support via calls and video, Amaha has assisted 4.5 million people in 300+ Indian cities. Our 110+ experts in 15+ languages conducted 50,000+ therapy sessions. Partnering with 50+ organizations, our Workplace Emotional Well-being Programmes foster resilient work environments. Tailoring solutions to individual needs, our community of 20k+ app members ensures accessible mental healthcare for all stages of your journey.”



Mitsu team of entrepreneurs, mental health professionals, and engineers building Mitsu to bridge the care gap. Using the promise of science and technology, along with an unflinching resolve to make a difference, Mitsu are building a future where mental health isn’t a barrier for anyone to live up to their fullest potential.



Emoneeds was created with a focus on catering to one’s mental and emotional health needs. They aim to maximize an individual’s performance, happiness, and quality of life. The team of expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists work collaboratively with teens, adults, and families by providing holistic, evidence-based, and scientifically approved compassionate care through a combination of medication management and customized psychotherapies. All of this is designed to help patients/ families overcome their difficulties so that they can achieve their goals and lead productive and happy lives.



Co-founded by Anshul Kamath and Rohan Arora in 2020, Evolve is a health-tech startup on a mission to make mental health safe, simple, and joyful! The Evolve app and its proprietary interface help users improve their mental well-being through interactive content based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The app was recognized as part of ‘Google Play’s Best Of 2021’ in India and currently has over 2,50,000 users from across the world. Evolve has a strong focus on LGBTQ+ audiences, with curated content and offerings specifically for members of the community.


MindFry is a platform that provides mental health resources for startups that are looking for growth not just for their company but also for their employees. Mind Fry aims to focus on the hidden difficulties, shadowed areas, and hesitancy in resolving mental health issues amongst people from the startup world. MindFry services range from one-on-one therapy sessions to journals that enable you to open the gates of your being and write them down in a placid way. The Mind Fry Team is here with you, to travel with you, and help you be the best versions of yourself.

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