Plaques and Awards That Adorn My Mantelpiece

Call it good fortune or hard work, my life has turned out to be a saga of progressive success. The stories of my achievements are easily visible through the various plaques, awards and trophies that adorn my mantelpiece. People visiting my home are captivated by these enchanting pieces, each one of which has an interesting story to tell. It’s a collection that started when I was in school, and it has continued to grow through college and my existingprofessional career. It’s something that makes me feel proud and motivates me to continue thepursuit of success and excellence. The collection is also something that inspires me to get up and get cracking. Such inspiration is very useful on days when things may not have worked out as planned.

One of my favorite award plaques is the one that I got on my first job. The plaque reads “Employee of the Year” and it was awarded to me in recognition of my good performance. This plaque is important to me since it was given to me when I had completed only around 7 months in my first job. I was among the few employees who had achieved this feat of winning this award in their first year of service. For most new employees, the first year is usually spent on understanding the nuts and bolts of the organization. It was different for me, as I made additional efforts to hit the ground running and always strived to go the extra mile. My dedication and hard work turned out to be fruitful and my contributions to the organization were recognized by the management. I have added other awards to my collection since then, but the plaque that I got during my first job continues to be my favorite.

The collection of plaques and awards that adorn my mantelpiece has also got me interested in understanding how these beauties are designed and created. I talked to some of my colleagues and they told me that our organization was procuring all the personalized plaques, awards, trophies, gifts, nameplates, and badgesfrom I had never really cared about the source earlier, but once I got to know about, I was really impressed withthe wide variety of high quality awards and recognition products they offer.For example, if you are looking for custom plaques, custom awards or trophies, you can choose from various options such as brass, wood, acrylic, crystal and marble. At, you will also find an extensive collection of personalized gifts, nameplates and badges.

One of the best features of is their Design Studio that allows you to custom design your product in just a few clicks. You can choose the type of design, the type of material to be used, the type of engraving, color, font, logos, etc. Moreover, when you have finished your customization, you can view the final design on the website. This really helps, as it allows you to actually see how the final product will look. After this, you can make further changes or place your order. Your product will be shipped directly to your address.

I have learned in life that awards & recognition act as a powerful source of motivation and inspiration. If you are looking for plaques, awards, trophies, personalized gifts, and other products, I would recommend you try You will definitelybenefit from their top quality products, diverse range, extensive customization options, unparalleled customer experience, competitive pricing and fast shipping.

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