Platform for handmade & sustainable products e-commerce startup Peepul Tree to launch a first-of-its kind nationwide initiative to help people discover India’s famous arts on World’s Artisan Day

Peepul Tree, an e-commerce platform dedicated to handmade products from India enables the finest artisans & crafters to connect to the global marketplace. Peepul tree is launching a new initiative to get people to discover the famous arts, crafts, and artisans, who are carrying on these traditions and telling their stories.

For over 2,000 years India was the center of the world luxury market. Traders from across the world came to India for fine hand-made products until synthetic and machines replaced handmade. With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, it’s time to rediscover handmade in India. We are home to over 7 million artisans and crafts people who are still producing fine hand-made products and they can dominate the market for sustainable products.

On 18th April 2022  which is World’s Artisan Day, Peepul Tree will launch the ‘Discover our Arts’ campaign, inviting people to capture the stories of the arts and artisans around them. From the entries received, Peepul Tree will commission films that will be aired on Peepul Tree ( and across social media. The idea behind this initiative is to allow people, especially the youth, to learn about and engage with artisans, and win grants of upto Rs 50,000/ month.

The campaign is part of the ‘People of Peepul Tree’ initiative that celebrates the artisans and crafts of India.

At Peepul Tree we work with some of India’s finest, award-winning artisans who are carrying on traditions that go back hundreds of years. Our aim is to help the world rediscover India’s finest arts. The ‘Discover our Arts’ initiative will help people learn about our famed arts, and crafts and connect with our artisans,’ said Archna Nayar, Head of Design, Peepul Tree.

“It has been our mission to create a platform for India’s great arts and artisans and help them offer the finest handmade products to the global market.,” said Mini Menon, Co-founder of Peepul Tree.

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