Pneumonia Cases on Rise Post Covid Infection: Doctors

Mumbai: Just like heart issues, and stroke, even pneumonia is commonly seen in patients who have recovered from Covid-19 infection. Currently, pneumonia has become one of the common complications after Covid infection. It is imperative for people to take utmost care of themselves after recovering from Covid-19 infection.

Pneumonia means acute respiratory infection caused due to viruses or bacteria. It can cause mild to life-threatening illnesses in people of all ages. The symptoms of pneumonia are greenish or bloody mucus, tiredness, loss of appetite, breathlessness, sweating, a fast heartbeat, and fever with chills. “There are a majority of people who may suffer from pneumonia after 2-3 months of recovering from Covid infection. I have seen 8 to 10 cases per week. Age group is usually elderly more than 60 years as they have weaker immune systems and comorbidities. Cases of Atypical Pneumoniae are rising. Even if the patients test negative after infection, they still tend to have a lung infection. The virus will weaken the lungs causing pneumonia. Pneumonia can lead to irreversible lung damage in the long run,” said Dr Nilakshi Sabnis, Physician, Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur.

“When one is detected with pneumonia then a COVID-19 test is done or even a CT scan that is suggestive of COVID-19. It clearly shows if the pneumonia is because of Covid-19 or other factors. Those with existing comorbidities such as diabetes, kidney problems, and cardiovascular disease need to take precautions to prevent pneumonia. Early diagnosis and timely treatment will ensure the quick recovery of the patients,” said Dr Aniket Mule, consultant internal medicine, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road.

“To prevent pneumonia, one should take care of the lungs by doing breathing exercises, eating a well-balanced diet, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, avoiding crowded places, and following cough etiquette. Moreover, try to stay away from sick people. Also, Vaccination in susceptible groups like Elderly and Asthmatics etc to prevent pneumonia,” concluded Dr Nilakshi

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