Poker to Chess: 5 skill-based online games to bank on this winter season

Various board games and figurines over checkers board and dark background. Metaphor for gaming and gambling.
The chilly winter evenings have ensured that we cancel all our socialising plans and sit in the comfort of our blankets. However, you need not completely ditch socialising as one can now play online games with friends and enjoy an evening, right from the comfort of your home. And these friends of yours need not be from the same city, but could be sitting in different parts of the world. So here are some skill based games, that will help you in real world too as they hone strategic and thinking abilities. Invite your friends for an evening of fun and banter while you are connected via video call and turn this into a routine to further cement your friendships too.

Are you that over excited one who is always brimming to blurt out all the news? If you were looking for ways to calm down your behaviour then Poker is the best game. It requires one to have a Poker face and be able to hold a calm composure no matter whether your cards are good or bad. It also needs quick calculations, quick decision making power and also the ability to convince others that you may or may not have the best cards. In this game the last one to stay on the table wins, making that the target for most players. You must also learn when to fold or end your game in order to minimise your losses. Mega Poker is one such place where you can play Real Money Game and earn while you play. You can play with friends or with strangers of similar skill set, be it amateur, intermediate or professional. The RNG certified platform ensures fairplay and offers 100% cashback on GST.

Rummy is a forever favourite with players. It can be played with 2 or 6 people. The online variant is quite popular at Rummy Circle and Mega Rummy. All one needs to do here is to create a set or sequence of cards to win at the game, till the time you reach your sequence, you can keep on exchanging the cards. It is a strategic game that requires skills where you can execute the best card arrangement, before anybody else. It is a speed game too. The goal is to eliminate the non useful cards in hand and make the combination that could win you the jackpot. You can play it with friends or family and have a fun evening.

Teen Patti:
This game originated in India and is also known as Three Cards,  Flush or Flash. It is a variant of the popular games like 3 Card Brag and Poker that were loved by all in England. Teen Patti the game has very rules but requires smart gameplay to be able to outwit others. Play this game on MPL-Mobile Premiere League and have an evening of unlimited fun. It is popular during Diwali parties, thus most of the players already know the rules. Over the years the skill based game has increased in popularity on the online platforms as players are always available whenever you feel like playing.

Chess is a game of wits and brain, where one needs to apply hundred percent of their braincells, alongside using the skill sets learnt over the years. is a platform which offers online variant of the game where you can play against a person of similar skills or against computer. One can also play tournaments and hone their skills. It also offers fun and innovative variants like Spell Chess, 4 player chess, Duck Chess and Fog of War. For those who would like to master the game, there are chess courses and online classes available with detailed tutorials.Live coaches can help you to learn the nuances of the games. A leaderboard is maintained, where you can assess your standing among the players and work towards moving up the board.

We have all played the game with siblings, howled and cried when somebody cheated and cursed our luck when we did not get the numbers that we needed. However, this game is more about using the right analytical skills than just plain luck. One must know which of the four token you must move, to reach home area before anybody else. It requires strategizing each move and traverse the ludo board to win the game. Even as you avoid the opponents and traps, zigzag your way to success. You can play a game of Ludo at Playerzpot.

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