Presenting Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day in India

– A Special Day Opening the Doors to Cultural Exchange

The Korean Cultural Centre in India will host the event “Presenting Chuseok in India” on September 23rd from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM, where participants can experience Korean Thanksgiving Day activities at the cultural centre auditorium. This event offers various programs, including presentation about Chuseok and opportunities to engage in Korean traditional cultural experiences and food tasting.

The program will introduce participants to Chuseok’s origins and the event itself. It will then offer activities such as “Korean arm wrestling”, “traditional Korean calligraphy”, using traditional Korean paper Hanji and a brush pen, and trying on traditional Korean clothing known as “Hanbok”.

Additionally, participants will have share and enjoy “songpyeon”, a traditional Korean snack made by families on Chuseok, providing a moment to discuss their impressions of the event.

This event received significant attentions, with registration filling up in just two minutes. Varda Sharma, who plans to participate in the Chuseok event, said, “Chuseok is similar to India’s Sharad festival, where we express gratitude to our ancestors. I am particularly looking forward to trying on hanbok.”

Director Hwang Il-yong of the Korean Cultural Centre in India stated, “The ‘Presenting Chuseok in India’ will be an excellent opportunity to expand cultural exchange between Korea and India through traditional culture beyond the K-culure. Particularly, as participants directly experience Korean traditional culture and taste Chuseok food, it will strengthen the cultural bond between our two countries.”

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