Prime Video re-introduces the world to the ‘Prime Entertainer’ in their Mother’s Day campaign

Conceptualized by Bare Bones Collective, the heartwarming video will make you smile from ear to ear

National, May 11th 2024: Amazon Prime Video, in partnership with Bare Bones Collective, has released a Mother’s Day campaign that will stream straight into our hearts. Written and conceptualized by Bare Bones Collective, the campaign gives a sweet salute to all the mothers who constantly acted as a source of entertainment to restless toddlers around the world.

Who was the very first stand-up comic of our life? Who was the first content creator we ‘subscribed’ to? It was none other than our beloved moms! The “Prime Entertainer” campaign celebrates the spirit of such mothers who worked non-stop to bring a smile to their tiny tot’s face.

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The video showcases moms from all around effortlessly donning their entertainment hats; it’s like they just know. The adorable video portrays their innate ability to make us laugh, cheer and entertain. They instinctively know how to pull out all the stops, reminding us all of our childhood days! What makes the campaign unique is how it takes a simple idea to convey the thought about the multitude of responsibilities that mothers quietly shoulder. It’s a recognition long overdue amidst the myriad distractions life has offered us.

Sharing her thoughts on the campaign, the Chief Operating Officer of Bare Bones Collective, Swati Dua, said, “I’ve been a comic, a singer, a dancing monkey, I’m constantly looking for new ways to keep my son engaged. If you really think about it, mothers are the OG improv artists, and we are really grateful to Prime Video for allowing us to celebrate our first entertainer”

The campaign is live on Prime Video’s social media platforms, which include YouTube and Instagram and Facebook.

While every day is Mother’s Day, this occasion is the opportunity to be even more thankful for the magical beings called moms. Prime Video’s latest campaign serves as the perfect reminder to pamper the ones who love and entertain us all our lives.

Campaign Credits

Brand: Prime Video

Creative Agency: Bare Bones Collective

Writers: Girish Narayandass, Anuya Jakatdar, Meghna Das, Manaswi Mohata, Astle Fernandes

Creative Strategy: Swati Dua

Management: Natasha Neroy

Design: Arzoo Naqvi

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