Co-founder and CTO of Cureskin

Ramakrishna R, Co-founder and CTO of Cureskin, is a visionary technologist leading the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in identifying and monitoring outcomes for various skin conditions through mobile phone photos. Armed with a B-Tech degree in Computer Science and specialized training at Stanford, Ramakrishna has accumulated over a decade of experience at Google, where he held pivotal roles within deep-technology teams.

Prior to co-founding Cureskin, Ramakrishna embarked on entrepreneurship with the creation of IWe, a hyper-local news startup. At Cureskin, his vision revolves around harnessing the simplicity of invisible technology to address the complexities of skin and hair health. Specializing in deep-learning based Computer Vision, Ramakrishna collaborates with dermatologists to develop evidence-based personalized treatments.

Cureskin, under Ramakrishna’s guidance, aims to elevate skin and hair health for everyone, every day. Using a meticulous approach that considers factors like incorrect product usage, mental health, nutrition, and the environment, Cureskin analyzes user-provided pictures and asks relevant questions to create customized kits designed to meet specific skin and hair goals. As a 2nd-time entrepreneur, Ramakrishna R continues to drive innovation in the intersection of technology and dermatology, striving to make personalized skincare accessible to all.

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