RAH Infotech and Delinea Partner to Provide Intelligent Authorization Solutions for Modern Enterprises

NEW DELHI, India – June 3, 2024

RAH Infotech, India’s premier value-added distributor and solutions provider of technology products and digital transformation solutions and services, announces a strategic partnership with Delinea, a pioneer in securing identities through centralized authorization. This collaboration aims to revolutionize identity security by providing seamless, intelligent, and centralized authorization, empowering organizations to better secure their digital infrastructure.

The Delinea Platform, known for its innovative approach to identity security, enables enterprises to discover all identities across an organization, assign appropriate access levels, detect irregularities, and respond to identity threats in real-time. Unlike traditional identity security solutions, Delinea simplifies deployment, configuration, and management, enabling organizations to accelerate adoption and enhance team productivity, while requiring 90% fewer resources required for management.

“We are thrilled to partner with Delinea to bring their industry-leading authorization solutions to our customers.” said Ashok Kumar, Founder and MD at RAH Infotech. ” In today’s digital landscape, where security is paramount, our partnership with Delinea will enable enterprises to navigate the complexities of identity security with confidence. By offering seamless, intelligent, and centralized authorization solutions, we aim to empower organizations to better secure their digital infrastructure and stay ahead of evolving threats.”

Delinea’s comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution seamlessly extends authorization controls, providing enterprises with digital freedom while adhering to Zero Trust principles. By treating all users as privileged users, Delinea ensures dynamic access controls for admins, business users, service accounts, and machine identities, mitigating identity-related threats effectively.

“Our partnership with RAH Infotech represents a significant milestone in our mission to redefine identity security for the modern enterprise,” said Norbert Kiss, SVP APAC at Delinea. “Together, we will empower organizations to enforce least privilege, detect and address identity threats, and future-proof their identity security. By combining the expertise of RAH Infotech with the innovation of Delinea, we are confident in our ability to provide unparalleled value to enterprises seeking to enhance their security portfolio and safeguard their digital assets.”

RAH Infotech offers a comprehensive range of solutions to effectively manage data, network, security, regulatory environments, or operating sectors through an integrated ecosystem. The company’s distribution and reseller program nurtures partners to ensure their success. RAH Infotech has always been focused on developing a strong partner ecosystem by aligning its business with emerging technologies that are reflected in its product portfolio.

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