*Ravi Dubey on Bridging Worlds – The Artistic Odyssey Between Television and OTT*

Ravi Dubey, an exceptional actor gracing both the television and OTT platforms, embodies the dynamic evolution within the entertainment industry. Known for his versatility and charisma, Dubey seamlessly transitions between these mediums, showcasing his prowess as an actor and a producer.

With a string of remarkable performances and his ability to convey emotions with depth and authenticity has been the cornerstone of his success.

However, the advent of OTT platforms brought forth a new wave in entertainment, and Dubey effortlessly adapted. The Television vs. OTT debate, often centered around content consumption preferences, finds a unique perspective in Dubey’s career trajectory.

When asked if someone is doing well onscreen on television are there high chances of them doing the same thing on OTT! Ravie explained, “I don’t really think that it is the matter of an expertise that changes from platform to platform or medium to medium, there is a nature of devil. Television for that matter is deadline centric medium, OTT and films are not and that is a massive advantage that film and OTT enjoy! In fact television for decades now has sustained this brilliant format called appointment viewing. And I think OTT I think is following that exact same format now, I’m early 90’s TV was available to only selective people in the country and the top makers of the country were making a nice content back then but after some time in early 2000s it was available for everyone just like our smartphones”.

He further added, “So you have to make content for everybody, it has to be appealing to everybody and it has to be as cost effective as possible. And speaking about the talent somebody who has performed in a deadline centric medium would perform at the best of their abilities now more than ever. So there’s no difference, if you can take a deadline variable out of television and you have an OTT show”.

He recognizes the unique strengths of both mediums – television’s wide outreach and OTT’s creative freedom. His foray into production further exemplifies his commitment to exploring these different landscapes, seeking to bridge the gap between the two.

In this era of entertainment evolution, Ravi Dubey stands as a testament to an artist embracing the changing dynamics. His journey embodies the fusion of traditional television charm with the boundless possibilities of the OTT realm, inspiring a new generation of performers to embrace versatility and diversity in their craft.

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