Reasons that there should be a limitation to the freedom of speech

The topic of the limitation of freedom of speech is widely debated. Though the Supreme Court sided with freedom of speech in 1930, should there be some limitations to it? In the name of these fundamental rights, there are lots of mishappening all over the country. Stated below are some of the reasons that there should be a limitation to the freedom of speech.

  • Speaking of restrictions we do not mean voluntary restrictions (such as politeness) but involuntary restrictions such as sensitivity, offensiveness, practicality, hate and power.
  • Limitations should be put since some speeches may be offensive to a group, especially that comes from the dominant culture or the government. Offending this group is a greater wrong than restricting free speech. Therefore, the latter would be the better option to go for.
  • Hateful speeches that are spoken to reach the truth should be allowed. But in cases where the speech intends to degrade, insult or defame people are indefensible because these speeches harm individuals and it’s better to forbid it. There is a thin line between a speech being offensive and truthful. And we should know how to differentiate between the two.
  • Freedom of speech does not account with people who are advocating crime. This fundamental right doesn’t allow you to go around threatening violence to individuals or groups. Mental, physical and sexual violence should not be promoted to an individual or group by hiding behind the freedom of speech since these are the violation of human rights.
  • Since there are so many religiously motivated conflicts lately, limitations on freedom of speech should be imposed. Through these fundamental rights, extremists try to segregate a particular group of people from society and incite them to cause violence in the name of religion. One of the best examples is the violence caused by terrorists.
  • If we want out culture and traditions to be respected we should respect other religious views as well. And one way through which people will be bound to do it is if they are afraid of the consequences of attacking verbally to other communities. Limitations would keep the people in their limit and make them respect other religious communities.
  • Another section of people who should be restricted is the powerful. People in power often use their power to promote their opinion which may not be always positive.

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