Research & Ranking rebrands itself to Equentis – Research & Ranking, underscoring its commitment to Equal Existence

~The rebranding emphasizes the firm’s strategic vision and democratizing wealth creation~

Mumbai, 2nd April 2024: Research & Ranking, the equity investment advisory brand and a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Limited, announces a strategic rebranding as “Equentis – Research & Ranking”. Encompassing a new corporate identity, logo, and tagline, the rebranding brings the mother brand, Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Limited, to the forefront and underscores its commitment to democratizing wealth creation and revolutionizing the investment landscape. This strategic move is a step towards building brand salience and owning the Investment Advisory category through thought leadership.

Equentis’ vision is to establish equities as the preferred asset class for long-term wealth creation, supported by a mission to educate and empower individuals through trusted relationships built on clarity, consistency, and compounding. Equentis advocates for equal opportunity, ensuring everyone can participate in wealth creation. The new visual identity expresses the brand’s core belief, ‘Equal Existence.’ The mighty bull takes center stage, and represents specialization in Equity Advisory. The lowercase typeface reflects humility, authenticity, and a commitment to client reassurance. The brand color blue evokes trust, and gold represents wealth creation. The tagline ‘Making Equity Easy’ emphasizes simplicity and accessibility.

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Manish Goel, Founder & Director of Equentis – Research & Ranking, shares, “At Equentis – Research & Ranking, we envision a future where every Indian participates and leads in shaping their financial destiny. Our commitment lies in prioritizing education, thereby making equity easy. The rebranding is very close to our hearts and minds. It is one of the many things we are doing as a part of our roadmap for accelerated growth. As we streamline, we will evolve alongside our subscribers’ needs. Thinking big and innovation across our services will be the key factors to ensure we provide the best possible value. We believe our efforts to transform while embracing our incredible heritage will keep us relevant for generations.”

Alok Arya, Chief Marketing Officer, shares, “Equentis serves as a Sherpa in the financial landscape, nurturing clients with expertise and care. The new logo communicates a strong brand personality, establishing a distinct voice for Equentis and emphasizing our relationship-driven business. We want to lead change in the investment landscape, solidify our reputation as a trustworthy advisor, and foster customer loyalty and trust over time. An identity change is an important milestone, especially as we march towards our accelerated growth aspirations.”

Equentis has expanded its services in the last two years with Private Wealth and Informed InvestoRR. At present, it has five offices and 40,000+ customers across India.

Developed by Network Advertising, the brand’s new visual identity and tagline are implemented across all communication platforms. Equentis is committed to a smooth transition, gradually integrating the new identity across all touch points.

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