Revolutionizing Agriculture with “बजरंगबाण”: A Breakthrough in Agro-Waste Management

In the pursuit of progress, collaboration between industry and academia is paramount, especially when aimed at solving problems specific to the country. By combining practical expertise with academic rigor, solutions emerge from diverse perspectives tailored to the community needs. Industry brings discipline and hands-on knowledge, while academia contributes experimentation and analytical depth. Together, they form a powerful alliance, transforming challenges into opportunities through collective innovation for the betterment of India’s future.

As one of such initiatives, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology’s with Merino Industries pioneered its efforts to address the specific challenges of agro-waste management. As a result of their joint collaboration VNIT was recognized with the FIRST prize (INR Rs. 1,00,000) at the prestigious New Generation Ideation Contest 2023, amidst over 600 proposals from across India including the prestigious IITs & NITs institutes.

About the innovation: –

In the heartlands of Indian agriculture, where small and marginal landholdings dominate the landscape, the challenge of managing post-harvest waste looms large. Traditionally, crops grown on these lands generate significant amounts of waste, such as straws and stalks, with a high Carbon-to-Nitrogen (C/N) ratio, posing a formidable challenge in their effective utilization. Conventional methods often fall short in addressing these challenges effectively.

In response to this pressing need, the Merino Innovation Center of VNIT proudly presents “बजरंगबाण”: a patented microbial consortium engineered to address the specific challenges of agro-waste management. This innovative solution aims to tailor the C/N ratio of agricultural waste through the use of fibrinolytic enzymes, thereby softening the lignocellulosic biomass for efficient utilization.

Merino Industries, in collaboration Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology & with other partners, conducted extensive trails related to biogas production and paddy straw composting, validating the efficacy and scalability of the innovation.

“बजरंगबाण” is a game-changer with diverse applications:

It accelerates biogas production, resulting in enhanced, enriched, and faster biogas generation.
Traditional composting methods, which typically take 45 days, are revolutionized with “बजरंगबाण”, reducing the process to just 15 days,
Fortified fodder is produced, resulting in a 5% increase in weight gain in goats and a 5% enhanced milk yield in cattle, thus boosting agricultural productivity.
One of the most remarkable features of “बजरंगबाण” is its nominal cost in the treatment of agri-waste and fodder, making it accessible and economically viable for farmers across the spectrum. The groundbreaking work on “बजरंगबाण” has received support from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, through the WMT program.

“बजरंगबाण” embodies the spirit of Indian philosophy, where focused effort, determination, and devotion converge to fulfill unique aspirations & manifestations. As it continues to transform agricultural waste into valuable bio-resources, this innovation stands as a beacon of hope, promising a sustainable future for Indian agriculture.

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