Revolutionizing Healthcare: Narayana Health Debuts India’s First Medical Docu-Series – “InsidER”

Transforming Emergency Response Awareness in India

In a groundbreaking move, Narayana Health, one of India’s leading healthcare providers, proudly unveiled its powerful new medical docu-series, “InsidER.” This first-of-its-kind series offers an honest look at medical emergencies, sharing the stories of patients who faced incredible challenges. It highlights the importance of the golden hour of those critical moments in the ER, showing the deep impact these experiences have on patients and their families.

An exclusive preview event with doctors, patients, healthcare professionals, journalists, and survivors showcased the series’ emotional power and its potential to change lives.

With 10 gripping episodes premiering exclusively on Jio Cinema, Jio TV, and TV+ on March 27th, “InsidER” brings to life the true stories of patients facing life-threatening emergencies. Viewers will witness their struggles, the urgency of the situations, and the amazing efforts of medical teams fighting to save lives. Each episode features accounts from patients and their families, giving a deeply personal perspective on these powerful stories.

Inspired by the powerful stories in “InsidER,” Narayana Health also announced a revolutionary initiative – the Narayana Emergency Ambulance Response – NEAR. This initiative was born from the understanding that in an emergency, every second counts. NEAR uses technology to speed up emergency response by finding the user’s location and sending the nearest ambulance team right away. With a single pan-India emergency number, NEAR provides support and expert guidance until help arrives.

“With ‘InsidER,’ Narayana Health brings the heart of emergency care directly to viewers. These are stories of struggle, resilience, and the unwavering dedication of our healthcare teams. We believe this series will inspire people and highlight the importance of acting swiftly during the ‘golden hour’ – those crucial moments when rapid intervention can make all the difference in an emergency”, said Dr Devi Shetty, Founder & Chairman of Narayana Health

“With ‘InsidER,’ Narayana Health goes beyond awareness to empowerment. This series brings the realities of medical emergencies to life, showing what bystanders, ER doctors, and specialists do to save lives. Together with our NEAR initiative, ‘InsidER’ is a powerful tool. “We want people to feel equipped with both the knowledge to act in those critical moments and the assurance that rapid help is always available through NEAR,” added Dr Emmanuel Rupert, Managing Director & Group CEO at Narayana Health.

Join us as we embark on this enlightening journey with “InsidER,” starting March 27th. Tune in to Jio Cinema, Jio TV and TV+ to witness real-life stories, learn essential emergency care tips, and discover the true meaning of timely intervention.

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