Rishihood University, OMI Foundation sign MoU to set up Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Mobility Solutions

The transformative partnership sets the stage for pioneering endeavours in sustainable mobility, clean energy solutions, inclusive transportation, the future of work, and urban and rural planning.

May 2024: Rishihood University — renowned for its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation — and OMI Foundation — a leading social innovation think tank dedicated to mobility innovation and public good — have signed an MoU to establish a Centre of Excellence at the varsity’s campus in Sonipat. It will be focused on accelerating the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions in India and beyond. This centre will serve as a hub for research, innovation, and knowledge exchange in the field of mobility.

The partnership will also facilitate joint research initiatives aimed at advancing sustainable mobility solutions, promoting the adoption of clean energy sources, enhancing accessibility in transportation, exploring the future of work in the platform economy, and devising comprehensive urban and rural planning strategies.

Moreover, Rishihood University students will have access to research programmes offered by OMI Foundation, enabling them to participate in live projects, dissertations, or capstone projects. This hands-on experience will empower students to gain valuable insights and contribute to real-world impact. Both organisations will exchange resources, publish joint research, and collaborate on capacity-building initiatives such as workshops, seminars, and public events.

The collaboration will extend to Rishihood University’s 8th edition of the Policy BootCamp, with joint resources and workshops dedicated to guiding students towards careers in sustainability and policy.

Commenting on the partnership, Prof Shobhit Mathur, Vice-Chancellor of Rishihood University, said, “We are excited to partner with OMI Foundation in our shared mission to drive innovation and create a more sustainable future. This collaboration will provide our students with invaluable opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge research and make a meaningful impact on society.”

Ms Aishwarya Raman, Executive Director of OMI Foundation, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Our collaboration with Rishihood University represents a significant step forward in our efforts to promote sustainable mobility and livelihoods. We are embarking on a joint mission to nurture the next generation of leaders in sustainability. Together, we will leverage our expertise and resources to develop innovative solutions that benefit communities across India and beyond.”

The MoU signifies a shared dedication to catalysing positive change and addressing pressing societal challenges through collaborative research, education, and community engagement.

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