Rob Butler

Rob Butler is a British politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) from the constituency of Aylesbury. Rob Butler is a member of the Conservative Party. The Aylesbury constituency was created in 1553 and it was later recognized as a single-member seat in 1885.

The constituency grew in prominence after World War II and current development is being powered by real estate. While Aylesbury has a lower employment rate than national average, the house prices are higher than national average.

Over the last century, Aylesbury has remained a stronghold of the Conservative Party. Members of the Conservative Party have been winning from Aylesbury since 1929. This trend has continued over the years, with Rob Butler taking charge since the 2019 general election in the UK.

Prior to Rob, the Aylesbury constituency was won continuously by Sir David Lidington for a period of around 27 years. He had served as an MP for seven consecutive terms. This is a record for Aylesbury constituency in the last 100 years.

In the 2019 general election from Aylesbury, Rob Butler defeated his nearest rival Liz Hind of Labour Party by a margin of more than 15,000 votes. Rob received 54 percent of the votes, as compared to 25.4 percent of Liz. Rob received 32,737 votes, which is among the highest in Aylesbury in the past three decades.

Early life, education and professional career

Rob Butler was born on June 19, 1967 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. He spent his early years in Bedgrove and later his family moved to Bicester. He studied at the University of Sheffield, from where he specialized in Economics and French.

Rob Butler started his professional career working with the BBC as a TV presenter. Later, he also worked with Channel 5. In 2005, Rob changed gears and launched his communication and lobbying consultancy firm that worked for large and small businesses from around the globe.

Five years later, Rob started working as an associate partner with lobbying firm Pagefield. He worked with several prestigious clients such as British American Tobacco, BAE Systems and Philip Morris International. Rob also served as a director of His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

Political career

Just like other Conservative Party members, Rob Butler has fully supported the Brexit deal. In 2019, he was chosen to fight the general election from Aylesbury. His achievements in political career include serving on the Justice Select Committee, being a member of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme and appointment as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to Liz Truss.

Personal pursuits

Rob Butler remains committed to the welfare of people in Aylesbury constituency and the UK.

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