Robin Millar

Robin Millar is a British politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) from the constituency of Aberconwy. Millar is a member of the Conservative Party in England. The Aberconwy constituency was created in 2010 by the Welsh Boundary Commission. Aberconwy was created to replace the Conwy constituency, which is located in north Wales. Elections were held for the first time in Aberconwy constituency in 2010. In 2010 elections, the Aberconwy constituency was won by Guto Bebb. Robin Millar was elected from the constituency in 2019. Millar defeated his nearest rival Emily Owen of Labour Party by a margin of more than 2000 votes. With Millar representing the Aberconwy constituency, the vote percentage improved by 1.5% in 2019 general election.

Early life and education

Born in October 1968, Robin Millar spent his early years in Bangor. The oldest city in Wales and one of the smallest in Britain, Bangor is located in Gwynedd, northwest Wales. Millar’s father was a member of the old Conwy Association and served as the chairman of the organization’s Bangor Branch. Millar did his schooling from Ysgol Friars and later completed his graduation in engineering. Millar’s wife worked as an equine veterinary nurse and due to her job obligations, the family shifted to Suffolk. Millar had worked as an engineer and businessman before shifting to public sector reforms, social policy and healthcare.

Political career

Robin Millar started his political career in 2011 when he became a member of Forest Heath Council. He represented the All Saints ward in Newmarket. He became Mayor of Newmarket and deputy leader of Forest Heath Council. In 2019, he was chosen to represent Conservative Party from Aberconwy constituency. As an MP, Robin Millar has provided his opinions and recommendations on a wide variety of policy matters. Some of these include Brexit, use of antibiotics in farming, continued deforestation, welfare of farm animals, renters’ reform bill, protection of civilians, issue of child trafficking, food safety, international trade agreements, arms export control, issue of child refugees, protecting the oceans from climate change and over-fishing, dangers of internet for children, support for terminally ill patients, freedom of press, air quality, and humanitarian crisis in Idlib, Syria.

Personal pursuits

Robin Millar loves to spend time with his family. He and his wife often take out their two dogs for long walks. The couple also undertakesrenovation of their home in Snowdonia quite frequently. Millar also likes to participate in trail running and triathlons. During his professional career, Millar had travelled to and worked in various countriessuch as USA, the Netherlands, and Russia.



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