Romancing the wild – Wild Voyager

Packaged tourism is steadily losing its appeal, as more and more people make their preferences felt for experiential travel. Such journeys allow travellers to connect to nature, people, culture and other aspects of a travel destination at a more personal and emotional level. It’s about experiencingthings as they are, in their wildest and most natural forms, as they might exist amidst pristine landscapes across the globe. It’s about being there in the moment and to experience being a part of everything beautiful, exciting, and enchanting that surrounds us. One company that has taken the initiative to make such incredible journeys possible and one that is doing it with a lot more zeal and personal attention is Wild Voyager.

Wild Voyager launched operations in March 2017 and it has achieved phenomenal success and popularity in a very short span of time. An experiential travel startup, Wild Voyager was founded by three professionals, Alankar Chandra, Jaipal Charan and Kirti Ranjan Nayak. The common thread that connects the three founders is their immense love for travel and nature photography. The three founders have studied at Ivy League Management and Engineering institutes such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore, and Delhi Technological University. Prior to launching Wild Voyager, they were working with top corporates in senior leadership roles. However, their love and passion for nature, wildlife and travel prompted them to do something different, which led to the creation of Wild Voyager.

All the three founders of Wild Voyager are award-winning natural history photographers and their works have been featured in various national and international publications such as Daily Mail UK, National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Traveller, Discover India and Sanctuary Asia. They have travelled far and wide and have spent several days at a stretch at exotic locales for wildlife photography. The founders utilize their wide experience in experiential travel and wildlife sightings to make the journeys a lot more exciting and memorable for travellers. They also utilize their management background to provide the best hospitality services, as today’s busy traveller might expect.

With their rich experience in nature photography, the founders understand the photography needs of travellers in great detail. Keeping this in mind, WildVoyager offers high quality photography-related merchandise to travellers, so that they can bring back unforgettable moments to be cherished for a lifetime and shared with family and friends.

With its unparalleled experiential travel journeys, Wild Voyager has already acquired an esteemed clientele that includes leading names such as HSBC, EA Sports, Ernst & Young, and Cognizant.Wild Voyager is new, agile, focused, all powered-up and aiming to take it to the next level in the coming years.

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