New Delhi, Dec 22: “Sunaulo Sikkim”, a Sikkim 2.0 progressive vision of the ruling SKM, was launched as the focal point of the Krantikari’s 2024 election campaign by party president and Chief Minister PS Tamang (Golay) from Rholu on Thursday.

He was addressing the 15th Rholu Diwas, the SKM’s annual flagship political programme, at Rholu along Melli-Jorethang highway in South Sikkim.

Maintaining that the SKM government has already laid a strong foundation, the Chief Minister sought support from all to take forward the ruling front’s guaranteed “Sunaulo Sikkim” by delivering all the 32 Assembly seats in the coming election.

“Sunaulo Sikkim means employment for every person, a place where every poor family gets world-class healthcare facilities, best education in best educational institutions, every citizen lives a life of dignity and freedom. It means that even the last person of Sikkim gets all the government facilities and enjoys all benefits of democracy. At this holy place of Rholu, I promise to give my full commitment to make a “Sunaulo Sikkim”, this is the guarantee from SKM and Golay. We are determined towards this vision as the people have already made their up minds to make SKM victorious in all the 32 Assembly seats in the 2024 elections,” said the Chief Minister.

The CM added that the SKM government would be taking inputs from the people to further strengthen the “Sunaulo Sikkim” vision, a developmental upgrade of the State as Sikkim 2.0 under the SKM’s stewardship.

PS Tamang directed the SKM rank and file to start reaching out to people in every village of the State with the “Sunaulo Sikkim” message. Visit every village, meet every family and ensure that each family benefits from at least one government scheme…start working on “Sunaulo Sikkim” and Sikkim 2.0 mission, he said.

“Our vision of “Sunaulo Sikkim” is meant solely for Sikkim 2.0 which we want to develop. It is not the 2.0 version of our party but for ‘Sikkim 2.0’. Some have 2.0 just to save his family but our 2.0 is for “Sunaulo Sikkim”. The 2024 election is going to be a contest between SKM’s vision of Sikkim 2.0 and the 2.0 version of those who only have their vested interests. I am confident that people of Sikkim have their trust in Golay for a “Sunaulo Sikkim” under Sikkim 2.0 vision,” said the SKM president.

Golay expressed that the SDF 2.0 version and “Sikkim Bachao Abhiyan” was an individualistic pursuit by Chamling to save his personal interests instead of actually “saving Sikkim”.

“Actually “Save Sikkim” is a warning to the people to save Sikkim from a person who looted the State for 25 years, considered Sikkim as his ATM and allowed only his family and relatives to prosper. People saved Sikkim from such a person in 2019 and they are being alerted to do the same in 2024. I urge people not to give an opportunity to the same person to destroy Sikkim in the pretext that he has apologized. Rather let us go forward in the mission of making “Sunaulo Sikkim”,” said PS Tamang.

“Only trailer so far, Picture Abhi Baki Hai’

In his two hours long speech, the party supremo listed the achievements and innovative welfare schemes launched by the SKM government during these four and half years, especially in public healthcare and education sectors.

“Despite the mistakes of the past government of 25 years, and hurdles like Covid pandemic lasting for two years, we spared no efforts to serve the people of Sikkim. We did many things that were not possible or even imaginable for the SDF government of 25 years,” said the Chief Minister.

This, the Chief Minister asserted, was due to the power of every single vote in favour of the SKM party in the 2019 election. Welfare schemes and developmental accomplishments like ‘AmaYojana’, Sikkim Garib Awas Yojana, regularisation of adhoc teachers, dialysis centres in district hospitals, one year maternity leave, specialized healthcare facilities in government hospitals, cash incentives for milk and crops, and creation of two new districts were all possible due to the power of every single vote, he said.

“This is only a trailer (the present SKM government’s term) where we actually got only two and half years to work, the full feature is still there… we have only shown the trailer in five years, now watch the full feature. See what the SKM and Golay would do after 2024. We will make every citizen empowered,” promised Prem Singh Tamang.

He also announced free four LPG refills for women annually – one in every three years.

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