‘Running a business and raising a family’, KBJ Group’s Aksha Kamboj talks about doing it all

Aksha Kamboj is an Executive Director of KBJ Group, a conglomerate company based in Mumbai, India. She recently talked about her experience of raising a family and running KBJ’s large-scale business. “It is all about what you want to do. If you want to, you will,” she said, remarking on the subject.

Aksha Kamboj, the endearing mother of Avyaan Kamboj and Mishka Kamboj, pursued her passion for working after a long gap. She had earlier dedicated all her time to her kids and raising them in a holistic manner. But as her kids grew up and became engaged with their own activities, she decided it was time to exercise her capabilities as a businesswoman. As she took on her professional journey, her husband Mohit Kamboja aka Mohit Bharatiya was her pillar of support.

Today she is leading the KBJ Group, overlooking it’s diverse companies that pan over multiple sectors. The task is not easy but Aksha Kamboj loves what she does and has a strong commitment towards her business. She displays the same passion when it comes to her family. Despite her busy schedule, she ensures that she always carves out time for her family. Her husband Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya too believes that family time is incredibly crucial. The duo together ensure that they create quality experiences with their young kids Mishka Kamboj and Avyaan Kamboj.

“Raising a family is just as challenging as running a huge business. But at the end of the day, my love for both keeps me going. And I have learnt that once you believe in yourself and what you’re doing, nothing is impossible.” Aksha Kamboj further added

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