Sahyadri hospitals successfully treats Rare Gartner’s Duct Cyst in Pune Engineer

Pune, April 10, 2024: Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune, is proud to announce the successful treatment of a rare case of Gartner’s duct cyst in a 27-year-old engineer, Priyanka (name changed). Under the expert team of doctors of MomStory by Sahyadri Hospitals of Dr. Mini Salunkhe and Dr. Gauri Jagdale, Priyanka underwent surgical excision (Marsupialization) of an intact cyst, marking a significant milestone in medical treatment.

The procedure, performed at Sahyadri Hospitals, Hadapsar involved the surgical excision of an intact cyst with a small incision on the inner side of the labia majora. This precise and delicate surgical procedure enabled the thorough extraction of a cyst measuring around 5 cm × 5 cm, a size notably larger than typical cases, making it a rare and challenging case. Following the procedure, Priyanka demonstrated impressive recovery, regaining the ability to walk just six hours after undergoing surgery.

Dr. Mini Salunkhe, Director & Head of Department – Obstetrics at MomStory by Sahyadri Hospitals, commenting on the case, stated, “Gartner’s duct cysts are a rare occurrence, particularly the size and location of Priyanka’s cyst presented unique challenges. We are pleased with the successful outcome of the surgical excision, achieving full removal of the cyst with minimal impact on the patient’s mobility and recovery.”

Gartner’s duct cysts are found in 20-25% of females, with Gartner’s duct cysts accounting for only 1% of these cases, making Priyanka’s case truly exceptional. The expertise and collaboration between Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Jagdale, coupled with the advanced medical facilities at Sahyadri Hospitals, made this successful treatment possible.

Sahyadri Hospitals is committed to delivering exceptional medical care and continues to pioneer advanced procedures and treatments, ensuring the well-being of its patients.

Understanding Gartner’s duct cyst – Gartner’s duct cyst is a generally asymptomatic cyst that typically measures less than 2 cm. It is often diagnosed through pelvic examination and may require surgical intervention for treatment, especially when the cyst is larger. Although symptoms are usually absent, the cyst can occasionally grow in size. The condition is associated with the Gartner’s duct, a remnant of the Wolffian duct in females. Conservative management and follow-up are options for smaller cysts, while surgical approaches are considered for larger ones.

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