Savensa: The Pan-India Company That Has Made The Process of Getting a Personal Loan Simple

Today, one comes across a large number of companies in India offering personal loans to individuals. While some of these are Indian organizations, many of them are foreign companies that have also happened to set up base in India. While every company attracts customers through different services and offers, none of them had really managed to make the process of applying and getting a personal loan easier or convenient for people. That’s where Savensa entered the scene and changed the game.

Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Anil Kumar M, Savensa was launched as a finance company that would not only offer personal loans to customers but would also guide them during the process and ensure they do not face any hurdles while applying for or securing a personal loan. Building a direct connection with the customers by offering such services has made Savensa a unique and high-value brand in the personal loan offering space.

Elaborating on the same, founder and managing director Anil Kumar M says, “Many a times, people in our country need a personal loan but do not apply for one because of all the hassles involved in the process. Our company was built on the idea and objective of making personal loans accessible for everybody. On behalf of our customers, we take complete charge and responsibility of the loan application process and ensure that it is processed quickly and the amount is delivered to them in a smooth and transparent manner.”

As a company, Savensa has always worked towards getting an understanding of the issues faced by customers and resolving them in the best possible manner. Another factor that has helped the company grow and strike a chord with people across India is the fact that it operates as an organization that offers end-to-end digital services. This not only eliminates the possibility of errors and other issues, it also assures the customers of using a safe and reliable platform. Any salaried individual working in government, private limited or public limited employees can apply for a loan through Savensa if they get a minimum salary of Rs. 25,000 every month.

“Finance and technology are closely interlinked with each other. We not only have embraced technology but also ensure that we adapt to the constantly changing technological landscape. From using high-end software to implementing the most updated technological methods, we ensure that our digital infrastructure is strong and remains effective at all times. While we use today’s technology, we also make sure that none of our customers face any kind of difficulty while using or understanding it”, says Anil Kumar M.

Savensa has the kind of infrastructure and technology that makes it possible for its customers to go through different options while looking for a personal loan. They can check the services and offers provided by different financial institutions and then, make a well-informed decision after analysing everything thoroughly. The best part is that Savensa ensures that people do not go through any complications or confusion during this process and arrive at a decision quickly after weighing all the pros and cons.

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