Schneider Electric Launches DCIM 3.0

Evolves DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management Software) from individual data centers to cover full, hybrid IT environment

Mumbai, India, August 11, 2023– Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the modernization of its EcoStruxure IT software portfolio for the monitoring and management of sprawling, hybrid IT infrastructure, which has become increasingly complex in the last few years.

As IT infrastructure continues to spread, business continuity is dependent on everything from the smallest endpoint to the largest data center. Therefore, edge deployments are now considered as mission-critical as centralized data centers, and a new capability of software tools is required to maintain the resiliency and security of the infrastructure. Additionally, sustainability is emerging as another significant trend: the energy consumption and carbon footprint of a company’s data centers will need to be measured and managed. Based on internal Schneider Electric projections, by 2040, total data center energy consumption will be 2,700 TWh with 60% coming from distributed sites and 40% from data centers.

Legacy DCIM software wasn’t created with all of these concerns in mind, which is why Schneider Electric has invested in EcoStruxure IT. It modernizes the monitoring, management, planning, and modeling of IT physical infrastructure, with flexible deployment options that include on-prem and cloud-based solutions to support hybrid, distributed IT environments, from a few sites to thousands of sites globally.

“There’s been tremendous change since DCIM first emerged as a software category,” said Kevin Brown, SVP of EcoStruxure Solutions, Secure Power, Schneider Electric. “The hybrid IT environment is challenging even the most sophisticated CIO organization with maintaining the resiliency, security, and sustainability of their IT systems. We call this trend DCIM 3.0. Schneider Electric is investing in and evolving EcoStruxure IT to provide more capability, flexibility, and deployment options than ever before for enterprises and colocation facilities everywhere in the world.”

Mr. Sachin Bhalla, VP – Secure Power Division, India and SAARC, Schneider Electric said “With the Indian IT industry contributing to a massive 7.4% of India’s GDP, industry requirements are now for more resilient, secure, and sustainable IT infrastructure. This is where DCIM 3.0 bring a highly resilient and secure energy solution to the IT industry, All IT whitespace from core to cloud, to Edge. The widespread use of DCIM has shown marked improvements in all aspects of operations of IT infrastructure which includes sustainable energy consumption. We at Schneider Electric foresee the transformation of IT infrastructure operations with Ecostruxure IT” which is to empower customers to operate the most resilient, secure, and sustainable IT infrastructure, anywhere.

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