Schneider Electric Partners with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF) for Vedanta Half Marathon to underline its DEI Commitment

– Initiative to boost Schneider Electric’s commitment towards an inclusive workforce. Nine senior leaders and two PwD employees from Schneider Electric to run for inclusion

National, October 16, 2023: Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and automation, has partnered with Pune-based “Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation” (ABBF), a non-profit organization, for the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon held on, October 15th, 2023. Under this partnership, Schneider Electric is furthering its commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and empathy for People with Disabilities (PwDs) within the organization as well as the larger corporate world. As partners for the Inclusion Run which is being led by ABBF, an official Inclusion Ally for the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon, many senior leaders and employees from Schneider Electric participated as allies.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, Mr. Binu Philip, CHRO, Schneider Electric India, added, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are at the core of Schneider Electric’s ethos. Through the partnership with ABBF and joining the run as Allies, our leaders aim to inspire our employees and peers to embrace diversity, overcome challenges, and promote a culture of inclusivity at work. It will also enable the participating employees to better understand the struggles and triumphs experienced by individuals with disabilities (PWD). This experience will surely foster empathy and compassion, leading to improved decision-making and helping to create an inclusive workplace for all.

Talking about the importance of such partnerships, Mr Divyanshu Ganatra, Founder, Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF), said, “At ABBF, we are committed to promoting disability inclusion through sports. We believe it is not only the right thing to do but also a compelling business case for all corporations. Schneider Electric is one such example that wholeheartedly champions this cause, setting a benchmark for the industry. The presence and support of esteemed leaders of Schneider Electric at the PwD ally run has left an indelible mark on the communities we serve. In this spirit, we believe that such partnerships will inspire many more to follow the lead. Together we can build a world where no one is left behind.”

Schneider Electric’s support for championing disability marathons goes beyond participation. It includes encouraging their teams to get involved, provide resources, and advocate for policies that promote equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

We also believe our responsibility to champion DEI goes beyond the walls of the organization and this is one of many such initiatives

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