Screenzy adds innovation to local commute concept

~ Launched in November 2022 Screenzy entertains on the go ~

~ Screenzy has already partnered with 300+ cabs in Kolkata ~

Kolkata, 15th May, 2023: Screenzy, the latest start-up venture from Kolkata ushered in an innovation to the app cab industry. Screenzy intends to entertain on-the-go. It promises an incredible in-cab experience for the commuters with its interactive and informative content during the ride. The company is working towards altering the domestic commute concept around the city through their ingenious app cab experience, innovative content, and thorough customer correspondence. In line with its vision to expand further in India, Screenzy has already partnered with 300+ cabs in the city together with more than 40 brands from various sectors in just 4 months of their launch.

Being a Hyper Local travel buddy platform, Screenzy is everything that a stodgy cab ride lacks. The company is taking aggressive measures to bring a new experience to not only the passengers but the chauffeurs of the city too. From incentives lined up every month to delivering free app tabs to the drivers, Screenzy is leaving no stones unturned to appease their consumers. Founded by Mr. Arka Ganguli, Mr. Devendra Goel, Mr. Amit Ganguli and Mr. Ayan Mukherjee, Screenzy is in every means a customer centric innovator in the cab industry.

The brand is serving as a centralized platform for advertising and acting as entertainment medium for passengers and it is up with an array of benefits for its targeted customers. For newbies in metro cities like Kolkata, Screenzy can be a close confidante. Equipped with smart technology and AI, the app in the cab helps one identify the various significant places across the city and even win exciting offers with the interactive content. Some of the unique features of Screenzy include geo-targeted content and exciting offers and vouchers for the commuters as they play and win.

Mr. Devendra Goel, Managing Director, Lumino Industries Ltd, Funding Partner, Screenzy, said “I’m quite content with Screenzy’s performance, given the fact it’s a relatively new company. The idea to deliver a holistic experience for cab passengers with creative content, visuals and ads is a revolutionary thought I must say. And I’m happy to be a part of this new creation. Right now, we are aiming to intensify the mutual synergy between the audience and the company and build a relation of trust, so we can expand further with our vision.”

Mr. Arka Ganguli, Founder of Screenzy said, “Connectivity and engagement is the key, and with that notion we have built Screenzy to reach out to the largest set of audience in the city. It is a gamechanger in not just the ad, but the cab industry too. With Screenzy, we are being able to provide our target audience with an enhanced engagement platform where they can interact, win alluring vouchers, and explore the trending places in the city. This will not only help brands showcase themselves through an innovative approach, but also build a sweet ride for the passengers.”

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