SGU Project Management Group To Bring Innovations To The Fore In Artificial Intelligence

As a company based in both Dubai and India, SGU Project Management Group forayed into different businesses over a period of time. While certain organizations establish themselves in one or two fields or chart a growth-based path with time, SGU Management Group has a different approach. The organization decided to set foot into different industries and build a distinctive identity for itself through its innovative methods and ground-breaking ideas. After firmly establishing its presence in India and Dubai, the company now wants to expand in both these countries and also offer its services in many other countries across the world.

Elaborating on the same, a spokesperson from SGU Management Group says, “Both Dubai and India have emerged as investor-friendly destinations. Owing to the business-friendly policies in these two countries, we were able to expand our organization very well and offer our expertise and services across a variety of industries. We have had a great journey so far and now, we plan to get into a new and exciting phase in which we will be executing many other important expansion plans that we have designed meticulously. We recently set up a few businesses in Singapore. We will be expanding into other countries very soon.”

In the last few years, artificial intelligence, or AI has caught the attention of people across the world. From creating content to keeping a tab on business activities, people have already been using AI in different ways. While some fear that AI will render several people jobless, many are of the firm belief that having a good knowledge of AI will actually lead to further job creation and help industries accelerate their growth faster. Through its acquired branch of Synergy Universal in India, SGU Management Group plans to offer advanced services with the help of AI.

“Over the last several months, our experts have studied AI extensively. As a technology, AI is evolving with every passing day. We continue to observe its evolution closely and are determined to bring further innovations to it so that our partners and clients can benefit from it. From healthcare to entertainment, AI has proved to be a disruptive force in almost every industry. We will use it to propel the growth of your businesses forward and also guide other organizations in implementing it in a way that it helps them to scale further”, says the spokesperson.

After recently setting up a branch in Singapore, SGU Project Management Group will soon be registering its presence in several other countries. The organization will be expanding in a planned manner and is also ready to venture into industries it had not explored as yet. It will also continue to grow in India and Dubai across multiple verticals.

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