Shell launches new and Improved fuels for extra mileage of up to 15 km per tank

Hyderabad, March 1, 2024: Shell unveiled its new and improved range of fuels for two and four-wheeler vehicles for the Indian market. The new fuel formulation features a next-generation deposit targeting technology that removes harmful deposits, protects engine condition, and lasts up to 15 kilometres longer per tank for both two and four-wheelers.

The new fuel range, developed after five years of extensive research and 3 million kilometres of testing by a global team of 150 scientists, uses next-generation deposit targeting technology[1] to remove harmful deposits from the engine’s critical parts, such as intake valves and fuel injectors, thus ensuring a smooth and efficient functioning leading to more mileage. [2]

Introducing the new range, Sanjay Varkey, Director, Shell Mobility, India, said, “As consumers upgrade to vehicles with more refined engines, we strive to give them products that will deliver a superior driving experience. Our new and improved fuels have next-generation deposit targeting technology, which removes harmful deposits, protects engine condition & lasts up to 15 km longer per tank. This reflects our commitment to continuously innovate and develop better mobility solutions to make our customers’ life journeys better.”

To introduce the new and upgraded range of fuels, Shell has also launched a new campaign titled “Expect more from Shell fuels”, which is an exhibition of Shell’s dedication to developing improved fuels that offer an enhanced experience to their customers and deliver added value.

Introducing the campaign, Kartiki Karihaloo, Manager Marketing, Mobility India, said, “We have always been committed to enhancing the mobility experience for our valued customers. With our latest campaign, ‘Expect more from Shell Fuels, ‘ we want to emphasize that even though life’s diverse experiences may not always exceed expectations, customers can always expect exceptional value and quality from Shell Fuels. It also builds upon our previous campaign ‘More than Just a Fuel Station’, marking another step forward in our journey towards enhancing our customer’s overall experience.”

The debut TV commercial for Shell fuels will be launched across OOH, OTT, YouTube, Radio, and digital TV in four different languages.

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