Shiv Nadar School Students Revolutionise Waste: Transform Plastic Bottles into 3D Printing Filaments

-The ground-breaking device called Replastify is designed to repurpose plastic bottles into versatile filaments.

The innovation recently received a top honour at the 8th Junior Astitva Award from the PHD Chamber of Commerce.

India, June 27, 2024 – Five Grade 10 students from Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad (a not-for-profit initiative of the Shiv Nadar Foundation in K12 education) have come up with an innovation, Replastify, a device that transforms PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles into filaments that can be used for 3D printing. This device is designed to repurpose household waste, transforming it into versatile filaments. Recently, the innovation was also a recipient of top honour at the 8th Junior Astitva Award from the PHD Chamber of Commerce. The award recognises students for their innovative temperament.

The initial inspiration behind Replastify came when the students noticed the abundant plastic waste in their surroundings, which compelled them to act. With this project, they envision making a significant impact on reducing plastic waste by initiating a ripple effect of positive change within communities. This project catalyses community engagement, inspiring individuals to actively participate in waste collection and recycling efforts. The design of the innovation is inspired by Recreator3D, a project of a recycling system for plastic bottles, which was then customised and innovated further.

Speaking on the support they got from the school, the team (Hiya Malhotra, Mehak Dudeja, Samanvi Nagar, Vayun Gupta, and Avi Saraf) said, “Our school played a pivotal role in the development of Replastify. Over a span of more than eight months, we dedicated ourselves to this project with continuous support from our educational institution. While a substantial amount of effort came from our end, including conceptualising and building the model, our school provided invaluable assistance throughout. Mentors guided us through the building process, aiding in tasks where our expertise fell short, such as procuring raw materials.”

With the 3D printing market projected to soar to $40 billion by 2026, the Replastify device stands at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. The team plans to optimise their technology for scalability and efficiency, expanding globally into various industries. This product not only reduces plastic waste but also caters to this growing market of 3D printing.

Designed innovatively, Replastify is easy to use. The simple process involves placing a PET bottle with its bottom removed into the designated holder, feeding a thin strip through the extruder, and activating the motor. The machine then automatically converts the plastic bottle into filaments, ready for 3D printing.

The genesis of Replastify can be traced back to the Capstone Project at Shiv Nadar School. This event is the culmination of Shiv Nadar School’s integrated IT program, where graduating students showcase their yearlong Capstone projects. These initiatives undergo a rigorous selection process. First, a panel of internal judges evaluates them. Finalists then present their work and engage with an external jury of experts who assess the projects’ effectiveness and potential for real-world application.

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