Shreya Kulkarni Film “Delivery Boy” Unveils Motion Poster, Promising a Touching Exploration of Surrogacy

Actress Shreya Kulkarni, celebrated for her song “Dimple Yetay Galavar,” has shared the motion poster of her upcoming film “Delivery Boy” on social media. The film, slated for release on February 9, 2024, explores the sensitive subject of surrogacy, aiming to educate audiences and debunk misconceptions, particularly prevalent in rural areas.

*Challenging Role and Motherhood Emotions:*
Shreya Kulkarni describes her role in “Delivery Boy” as challenging, where she taps into the emotions of motherhood, aiming to resonate with mothers globally. Portraying a character with a baby bump posed a personal challenge for Shreya, given that she hasn’t experienced it in real life. This marks a significant step in her career, portraying a sensitive lady with a strong motherhood bond.

*Addressing the Curious Topic of Surrogacy:*
The film delves into the perennially curious topic of surrogacy, presenting it scientifically to the audience. Recognizing the lack of awareness and numerous misconceptions in rural areas, the film strives to turn this sensitive subject into a genuine educational experience. Shreya Kulkarni’s portrayal contributes to the film’s mission of presenting surrogacy as an essential aspect of reproductive science.

*Release Date and Educational Focus:*
“Delivery Boy” is scheduled for release on February 9, 2024. The film aims to educate and enlighten audiences about surrogacy while narrating a touching story. The team has put in efforts to make this sensitive topic accessible and comprehensible, especially for those in rural areas.

Shreya Kulkarni’s “Delivery Boy” promises not only to showcase her in a challenging role but also to shed light on surrogacy in a way that educates and dispels myths. The motion poster release has generated anticipation, and audiences look forward to the film’s release to engage with its touching narrative on surrogacy. narrative on surrogacy.

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