Sikkim’s CM Tamang conducts face-to-face marathon meetings with public of various constituencies

Gangtok, January 09: Sikkim Chief Minister P.S. Tamang, in the past few days, conducted Marathon meetings, some even lasting for 16 hours at a stretch, in order to meet scores of people from different constituencies of the state.

‘Sarkar Ghar Dailoma’ or the ‘Administration at the Doorstep’ is a unique initiative of the SKM Government that aims to connect with every citizen of Sikkim and address their concerns face-to-face with the CM himself.

People, young and old, waited for hours together to meet the chief minister, and most said their wait was worth the effort. During the meeting, Chief Minister gave attention to the grievances and various issues ranging from employment opportunities to medical assistance

Etc. Possible solutions to each of the problems faced were offered on the spot as concerned officials from relevant departments were there to assist the CM, taking necessary steps for immediate resolution.

Asked how he managed to conduct such marathon meetings, CM Tamang told reporters that he was willing to work not just for 15-16 hours, but for 24 hours to serve the state’s people. “People’s blessings provide me with energy. I use that energy to carry out my work,” he said.

On Sunday, a mass meeting was held with the public of Rhenock Constituency at Rorathang Secondary School. The Chief Minister extended his New Year greetings and wished for good health, prosperity, and happiness. He also released “Chief Minister Medical Assistance” cheques to 69 ailing patients from Chujachen as a medical aid. Aid was provided to one applicant per family in order to ensure fairness.

The public meeting program on Sunday commenced in an orderly manner, where the senior citizens and ailing patients were given priority and followed by others.

The mass meeting, initiated on December 29, 2022, so far covered four constituencies of Chujachen, Namcheybong, Namchi-Singhithang, and Rhenock different districts. The Government plans to cover almost all assembly constituencies of the state.

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