Simpl goes sustainable this World Environment Day; Plans month-long activities with employees

Focuses on energy savings, elimination of paper cups, and waste segregation

Bengaluru, 5 June 2023: Simpl, Bangalore-based India’s foremost 1-tap checkout network – today announced the launch of a month-long campaign to observe World Environment Day and pledge its commitment to sustainability. As part of this campaign, Simpl has eliminated the use of paper cups, ensured waste segregation and energy savings at the workplace, and will be organising a host of activities during the month to engage employees in sustainable living.

The organisation will be switching off all the lights in its 55,000 square feet workplace in Bengaluru from 3:00-4:00 PM on June 5 as a symbolic act of support towards World Environment Day. During the month, employees will engage with an external sustainability champion who will be sharing insights on sustainable living with the employees, which would inculcate incorporating eco-friendly habits in their daily lives. Alongside educating employees and raising environmental awareness amongst them, the activities will include exciting giveaways for individuals contributing to the cause.

“As a committed corporate citizen, Simpl is dedicated to minimising its carbon footprint while actively contributing to the global campaign for combating climate change. Our headquarters are designed to ensure it receives sufficient natural light to reduce dependency on renewable resources and minimise energy usage. Taking this initiative ahead, we are rolling out a month-long campaign on the occasion of World Environment Day with an array of initiatives towards building a greener workplace and driving awareness around sustainable living with our employees. By empowering employees to embrace eco-friendly practices, we remain united in our campaign to facilitate positive change and help create a sustainable world for future generations.” said Sneha Arora, Chief Human Resources Officer at Simpl.

As an organisation that caters to the varying interests of employees through several Employee Resource Groups, Simpl has instituted a Sustainability Club to drive peer group conversations and sustainability-focused activities.

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