SimpliDistance Reports Surge in Enrolment for Online MBA Programs Amidst Remote Work Trends

The rising percentage of remote work and the expanding demand for digital skills are causing gross changes in the talent landscape. Employers are searching for candidates who have not only advanced business acumen but also skills for steering through the complications in the digital world. An online MBA program develops students to flourish in this new industry. Due to the specialised subjects and networking opportunities, candidates can stay ahead of the curve and occupy coveted jobs in the digital arena. Consequently, the enrolment for these programs is multiplying. In 2023, this enrolment shot up by 45.3%. The forecast is that this growth is bound to accelerate.

SimpliDistance has witnessed that working professionals doing remote work are getting increasingly enticed to online MBA courses. This is majorly due to the following four reasons.

The dependability on technology is rising everyday. Online MBA courses have specializations that focus on technology management. Pass-outs can find employment in the following fields: Operations management, Product management, Business development, Marketing, Finance management, Project management, Supply Chain management, Information Technology management and Human Resource management.

The Healthcare industry is having physicians’ shortage and an ageing population explosion. So, this industry is expanding considerably. It is finding that online MBA pass-outs can serve leadership roles for ensuring well-managed healthcare services, which is leading to their rising recruitment.

Presently, one of the vital concerns is ‘sustainability.’ Business organizations need resources skilled to overcome sustainability challenges. Online MBA programs impart knowledge about social responsibility, environmental issues and methods of creation of sustainable business practices. These candidates can register a positive impact on the world and play the role of leaders in the field that they choose.

Data analysis is a field about understanding data and extracting value from it. Businesses are adopting the trend of depending on data to make decisions. Top online MBA programs have added the Data Analytics specialization. Currently, candidates are increasingly opting for this specialization.

It is widely believed that the world is getting closer to the 4th industrial revolution. To match the needs of this revolution, online MBA programs provide knowledge about cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and soft skills, such as adaptability and creativity. These novel inclusions are enabling students to evolve into perfect candidates in the employment scenario.

There have been alterations in the businesses, and online MBA degree courses have taken prompt and satisfactory measures to live up to the expectations of the businesses. Candidates who have completed these courses are on average paid 77 percent more remuneration than those who are only graduates. So, graduates who are engaged in remote work conclude that to advance their careers, the route is to complete this program and become eligible for this pay increment.

Online MBA pass-outs are spreading the word that this course is very efficient. They can understand future trends in the industry and become masters in them, which results in them developing into charismatic, competent managers in their chosen domain and industry. This exchange of opinion among students is also causing a rising count of students to enrol for this program.

Gartner, a research firm, had predicted that in India about one-third of employees will work remotely. The country is expected to have the largest count of remote workers in the world. This type of work is gaining acceptability as people can work from any location if they have a reliable internet connection. This is eco-friendly and less stressful work. While completing the company’s work within the timelines, employees can switch between work and their personal lives, which includes online learning. They save the time and exhaustion of travel, which they can utilize for online learning. Due to these benefits, remote work is the future of India.

Several working professionals have a burning desire to advance their careers to an upper level. Doing a 9-to-5 office job and then setting apart some time slots for online learning of the MBA curriculum is a tough schedule. With the advent of remote work, students are finding that they have a lot of time and energy to manage these two activities. This has caused a large count of remote workers to apply for the online programs of MBA. SimpliDistance has recorded that the count of such remote workers who are enquiring about the possibility of enrolment in these courses is multiplying with time. A large percentage of such enquirers are getting admission to these courses. Their schedule of remote work is assisting them to complete the online program in a shorter time duration and with flying colours. The gross outcome is that remote employees are advancing in their careers and making it to the top spots in organizations.



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Remote employees are increasing in number in India. Such employees are applying in large numbers to online MBA courses and becoming successful in uplifting their careers. Remote work is enabling them to devote more time and energy to their online learning. This trend is fast catching up in India.

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