Singer Ali Saffudin’s ‘Theher’ is all about Celebrating the journey

Artiste First’s latest song serves as the perfect message to the modern world in year end wrap

National, December 7th: In the rat race of life, we often forget to pause, hold back and enjoy being alive. Singer Ali Saffudin has joined hands with Artiste First to deliver a pertinent musical message on this subject. Artiste First’s latest song, ‘Theher’, is all about taking a break to listen to your heart and celebrate the journey rather than being worried about the destination.

An eclectic tune that combines elements of Post Rock, Soul and Trip Hop to create a unique indie feel, ‘Theher’ is a one-of-its-kind track. The core message of the song is to never let the pressures of life take a toll on your dreams, desires and joys. A melodic combo of multiple genres, the song crafts a distinct identity through its theme.

‘Theher’ boasts of Urdu lyrics that offer a soothing reminder to not keep running without living. Written, composed and performed by Ali Saffudin, who also strums the guitar for the song, the track also inherits a musical palette that delivers a distinctly original listening experience.

A rising musical star who is witnessing his own ‘Theher’ moment, Ali Saffudin, was a former Production manager at a renowned radio station in Kashmir. The creative soul bid farewell to his secure job to pursue musical dreams. Not wanting to be confined to one form of music, Ali excels at Post Rock, Soul, Trip Hop and any other genre that challenges his creative spirit. The multi-talented artist has also conceptualised and directed the official music video of the song.

Theher’s music video recreates the unique vibe of the song. Featuring Ali himself, the video begins with a surreal yet striking frame of Ali tirelessly working on his office laptop, surrounded by a barren field. The visuals slowly transition into soothing shots as Ali takes a pause to live life. Just like the singer has taken a break to rediscover the magic of little things, the video captures the spirit of breaking shackles to breathe free and easy.

Talking about realising his dreams and creating his latest song, Ali Saffudin said, “Theher is almost autobiographical in a way since it parallels my own journey of quitting the corporate world to embrace musical passions during the making of Audio and Video of the song in the last one month. The idea behind this song was to encourage many others to let go of that mechanical stress and try to live happier and lighter. I am really excited to take my labour of love in front of audiences”.

Sharing his thoughts on their latest release, Rohit Sobti, Co- Founder of Artiste First, said, “Artiste First always keeps the freedom and talent of the artiste first, and that is exactly what we have done with Theher. Ali is an association we are very proud of, he has really been honest and put himself out there with this song. Theher’s message is one that holds a lot of relevance in today’s times. To celebrate the journey. Ali Bhai has demonstrated himself the importance of Theher by taking a break from his regular corporate job. His Theher moment comes while riding the bike– we all need to find ours :)”.

Artiste First has consistently unearthed the most gifted of talents from across the nation. Ali Saffudin seems to be one such name who has all the makings to carve a niche of his own. If ‘Theher’ is anything to go by, the sky’s the limit to Ali’s potential.

The song ‘Theher’ is now available on all leading music platforms. The official music video is live on YouTube.

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