SoCheers makes India proud at The Webby Awards 2024 with two ‘Honoree’ titles

The agency’s work for Amazon miniTV for shows ‘Karan Badtameez Hai’ & ‘Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega’ has been recognized by The Webby Awards 2024, one of the leading international awards honoring excellence on the internet

Mumbai, April 22, 2024: The Webby Awards 2024, a prestigious recognition of excellence on the internet, saw India achieve significant acclaim. Only three Indian campaigns bagged “Honoree” titles, with SoCheers, a leading independent digital-first creative agency in India, securing two of these coveted awards. This milestone solidifies SoCheers’ position as a powerhouse within the Indian digital advertising and marketing landscape, further propelling India’s overall digital prowess onto the international stage.

The recognition is a testament to SoCheers’ mastery in crafting innovative and impactful campaigns that go viral. The campaign, “Karan Badtameez Hai: 1 Common Name, 1 Big Accusation: Netizens Break the Internet,” won the title under the category Advertising, Media & PR – Viral Marketing. Created in collaboration with Amazon miniTV India, the campaign leveraged data insights to identify a relatable theme – the common name “Karan.” Capitalizing on social media trends and user-generated content, the campaign sparked a national conversation and effectively launched the show “Badtameez Dil.” This innovative approach ignited massive online engagement and effectively captured the audience’s attention.

SoCheers’ second Webby Award honors their work on the “Hunter Hunts Down Piracy Scenes with Tootega Nahi Todega” campaign, categorized under Social: Social Campaigns – Television & Film. This innovative campaign, in collaboration with Amazon miniTV, tackles the critical issue of content piracy. Featuring renowned Indian actor Suniel Shetty, the campaign utilizes a captivating narrative to raise awareness. This achievement exemplifies SoCheers’ dedication to creating social impact through their creative endeavors.

SoCheers’ repeated recognition at The Webby Awards serves as a testament to their enduring creative excellence. This latest achievement builds upon their impressive history, which includes wins for “Comicstaan” (2019), “Comicstaan Bot Campaign” (2020), and “Mirzapur Purvanchal Ke Samachar” (2022). These accolades solidify SoCheers’ position as a preeminent creative force within the Indian digital advertising and marketing landscape.

Mehul Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, SoCheers, said, “We are incredibly honored and thrilled to receive Two Honoree recognitions on this globally renowned international platform. This recognition reflects our team’s unwavering dedication and passion for creativity and sets a new milestone, inspiring us to create even more impactful work. We are constantly learning and striving to deliver exceptional results for the brands we partner with. We look forward to setting new benchmarks and contributing to the A&M industry’s pursuit of putting forth its best work.”

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