Solitario on its way to become the largest lab-grown diamond brand in India; Opens its 16th Store in Chennai

India – April 30, 2024 – Solitario, the premier destination for luxury lab-grown diamonds has embarked on a brilliant expansion journey, reinforcing their position as the biggest players in the ethical luxury segment in India. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and excellence, the brand has inaugurated its 16th store at Phoenix Palladium, Chennai, within the first year of its establishment.

Founded by the visionary trio known as the Bling Boys of India – Ricky Vasandani, CEO; Satish Daryanani, Co-Founder; and Celebrity-Founder Vivek Oberoi, Solitario was conceived with the mission of introducing sustainable adornments to India, embodying the essence of responsible aesthetics.

Speaking on the brand’s unparalleled growth, Ricky Vasandani, CEO of Solitario Diamonds said, “As we celebrate our journey of growth and innovation, we are proud to announce the expansion of Solitario’s retail footprint. Our mission has always been to offer discerning customers a luxury experience that aligns with their values, and our expansion allows us to bring this vision to more communities around the world.”

Solitario asserts that lab-grown diamonds possess identical physical and optical characteristics to mined diamonds while also promoting ‘good karma’ through their substantial reduction in environmental impact. While natural mining releases approximately 125 pounds of carbon per diamond, growing one in a lab emits a mere 6 pounds, aligning with Solitario’s ethos of sustainability.

This commitment combined with the quality of products has been able to alter the way the Indian market perceives and purchases diamonds. This impact is being driven by Solitario’s core team, comprising Anurag Lunia, Head of Retail Operation, Kamini Singh Head of Business Strategy and Operation and Kabir Kate, Head of Marketing.

“Our commitment lies in continuously building our brand by engaging with our audience with integrity and distinctiveness. What sets us apart and drives our growth are our designs, rooted in the timeless sophistication of European influence, with a global appeal. All pieces crafted by the brand are certified by IGI, SGL, and GIA, ensuring they are 100% authentic,” said Satish Daryanani, Co-Founder of Solitario Diamonds.

Backing this, Actor Vivek Oberoi added, “Each piece exudes a sense of refined luxury, offering not just jewellery, but a statement of individuality and sophistication. With Solitario, you’re not just wearing a piece of jewellery; you’re embracing a lifestyle of timeless allure and unparalleled elegance.”

In addition to his role as Co-Founder, Vivek is deeply engaged in the business and expansion of Solitario, serving as both the brand ambassador and its public face.

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