Sonic Sanctum Studios: A Haven for Musical Creation powered by Neumann.

Fueled by a deep-seated passion for music and an unyielding pursuit of excellence, Sonic Sanctum Studios was established in March 2023 by renowned violinist and composer V. Sanjeev. More than just a recording studio, Sonic Sanctum is Sanjeev’s vision of an artist’s retreat where industry professionals across various fields, such as music production, film, and commercials, gather to unleash their creativity and create music. His quest for acoustic perfection permeates every facet of the studio’s operations, that is powered by world-class equipment and recording tools, including not but limited to an impressive collection of Neumann studio microphones and studio monitors.

The studio is named “Sonic Sanctum” to reflect the studio’s philosophy and dedication to the craft of music making. “Music is such a big part of everyone’s lives and the process of making it is so integral to the outcome. At Sonic Sanctum Studios, our mission is to empower artists, producers, and sound engineers to unleash their creativity. By employing state-of-the-art technology, providing personalized mentoring and maintaining our uncompromising commitment to quality, we aim to cultivate a vibrant community of music creators, and together create unique sonic experiences that set new benchmarks in the industry,” shared Sanjeev.

Technology meets artistry.

Stepping into Sonic Sanctum Studios is like entering a sonic wonderland. The studio boasts a 2.1 setup featuring a pair of KH 420 midfield studio monitors as the left and right speakers and a KH 750 DSP as the subwoofer. The studio boasts a large collection of Neumann microphones, such as the TLM 103, TLM 67, KM 184, M 147, as well as a good range of Sennheiser microphones, including the AMBEO VR Microphone. Depending on the production needs, and whether it is purely vocals or instrumentals, different microphones are deployed based on the specific requirements of the project to ensure optimal sound capture.

Sanjeev shares his personal experience with the KH 420s, which are some of the latest additions to his set-up. “After integrating KH 420s into my setup, I could immediately feel the difference in terms of the exceptional audio clarity. The lows had a distinct tightness, the mids enunciated the lifelike textures of vocals and instruments with remarkable precision, and the highs managed to retain their crispness without inducing listener fatigue. The stereo imaging and depth are also really remarkable, which has significantly simplified the process of instrument positioning through enhanced spatial cues,” Sanjeev explained.

“Most importantly, the KH 420 maintain good balance and detail at different volumes, which minimizes ear fatigue during long studio sessions. I have to say, the KH420s are a huge step-up, and have really made a difference in my mixing and mastering process,” he added.

A symphony of collaboration

Sanjeev shared his opinion about the seeming lack of awareness and understanding of sound quality, particularly within the Carnatic music scene in Chennai. But having an appreciation for the importance of community within such a niche industry, Sanjeev hopes that as Sonic Sanctum continues to grow, he can also build a strong community and foster a spirit of collaboration to help push the boundaries of music exploration. “My hope is that one day the music production in India can meet international standards. And my vision is for Sonic Sanctum to be part of the key drivers in bridging this gap by offering exceptional recording, mixing, and mastering services,” shared Sanjeev.

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