Sourav Ganguly re-enacts the famous jersey-waving moment in Bisk Farm’s latest Cricket campaign

The campaign ‘Me Time, Marie Time’ celebrates the passion of diehard superstitious Indian cricket fans

Cricket, in the incredible land of India, is more than just a sport, it’s like a religion. And the fans? Well, they’re the high priests of superstition when it comes to supporting our cricket team.

All the cricket fans have some stories of superstition like staying put at that one spot on the couch, wearing the same lucky shirt that’s been through countless wash cycles, or even performing a mini-puja before the match, just to keep the cricket gods happy. It’s all part of the quirky charm of celebrating the gentleman’s game in India. Taking a cue from this, Bisk Farm, the fourth largest biscuit brand in India, launched a high-decibel 360-degree campaign for its Rich Marie range of products – ‘Me Time, Marie Time’, celebrating the diehard Indian cricket fans’ passion.

Featuring Sourav Ganguly, the brand ambassador for Bisk Farm Rich Marie biscuits, the campaign celebrates the fan’s way and belief of contributing to the success of the Indian cricket team. It has Sourav Ganguly reenacting his signature jersey-waving act, this time not from the Lord’s pavilion but from the comfort of his couch.

The campaign also draws inspiration from everyday funny life scenarios to illustrate the typical Indian fan’s behavior during a cricket match. Built on a unique collage of relatable situations which embodies fandom, the TVC portrays Sourav Ganguly as one such superstitious fan. In the campaign, Sourav Ganguly is seen wearing his lucky jersey, not allowing any of his friends move from their seat until the match ends. He’s got more Taabiz around his neck and arms than a rapper with gold chains and wears another on his forehead. He performs puja of the cricket bats praying for India’s victory.

The scenarios are aptly captured, as the jingle rhymes:-

Lucky Jersey Pehenke, Lucky Kursi Pakadke,

Bina hile hila denge hum,

India ko Jeetayenge hum.

Haar nehi Manenge hum.

Tabiz Pe Tabiz Chadha ke, Har Naya Totka azmake,

Har din vrat rakhenge hum,

India ko jeetayenge hum.

Here’s a glimpse of the TVC:

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