*Special Screening of Isha Koppikar’s _Love You Loktantra_ was held for BJP Maharashtra President Chandrashekhar Bawankule*

The film _Love You Loktantra_ which is a satire on contemporary Indian politics, released in theaters in India on 14th October and has done exceptionally well in the Box Office. With over 10 crores in just a week and high ratings by movie critics, the movie bas resonated with the public and left a mark on one and all.

A special screening of the movie was held for BJP Maharashtra President Chandrashekhar Bawankule where he was given immense respect and hospitality. The BJP President was immensely impressed with the dynamics and performances in the movie and praised the cast and everyone involved for their efforts and hardwork. He loved Isha Koppikar’s depiction of a politician in the film and how she carried the role beautifully.

The film depicts a power triangle involving a female Party Leader vying for the seat of a Chief Minister played by Isha Koppikar , a male lawyer, and another female legal, who is close to the administration. Lawyers and Journalists rule the movie with their strategies and plans to form the government.Isha Koppikar has given a spectacular performance in this film and keeps on receiving praise and love by audiences.

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