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StanPlus is a leading provider of 24/7 emergency and medical transportation services. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Hyderabad. StanPlus has started its services in Hyderabad and has plans to expand operations across the country. It will be targeting the top cities initially and later expand operations to semi-urban and rural areas. The company is targeting not just emergency ambulance services, but various other healthcare needs such as intercity patient transfers, organ transfers, etc. The aim is to become the Uber of medical transportation in the country, so that customers can get top quality services at affordable rates. One of the differentiating factors for StanPlus is that it offers medical transportation services within 15 minutes of any location in Hyderabad. This promptness in medical transportation services has helped save many lives.


The idea for StanPlus was first proposed by Antoine Poirson, one of the co-founders of the company. In 2013, Antoine was on an official visit to Rajasthan, where he was involved in setting up a solar power plant. One day, a member of his team met with a serious accident. An ambulance was called, but it took around three hours to reach the hospital. Due to the delay, the man could not be saved. Antoine also noticed that the ambulance did not have the required life-saving equipment and the staff was also not trained. The tragic death of his colleague due to delay in reaching the hospital shook Antoine to the core and he decided to do something about it. Later, he teamed up with Prabhdeep Singh and Jose Leon and launched StanPlus in 2016. The company seeks to end the inadequacies that currently plague the medical transportation sector.


StanPlus had won the INSEAD Venture Competition, which enabled the company to secure initial funding worth $15,000. In 2017, the company got a major boost with funding worth $1.1 million from K-Start (Kalaari Capital). The idea of becoming the Uber of medical transportation looks promising and the company is hopeful of more multi-million dollar investments in the coming years.


StanPlus has not made any acquisitions till date, but is open to any bankable deals that may emerge in the future.


StanPlus does not have any competitors in the medical transportation industry since it has already forged alliances with other emergency ambulance service providers. The alliancesare with private companies as well asgovernment agencies.

About the Founders:

StanPlus was founded by Antoine Poirson, Prabhdeep Singh and Jose Leon. Prabhdeep currently serves as the CEO of StanPlus, whereas Antoine is the COO and Jose the CTO.

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