Stephen Flynn

Stephen Flynn is a Scottish politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons from Aberdeen South. A burgh constituency, Aberdeen South was first opened for election in 1885. Over the years, the constituency has undergone several changes in its boundary. The constituency comprises an affluent suburban population that lives along the south side of Aberdeen City Council area. Aberdeen South was earlier contested and won by either Conservative or Labour party. However, in recent years, the vote share of Scottish National Party (SNP) has increased significantly.

Stephen Flynn became an MP after winning in the 2019 general election. Flynn rose to the challenge after the earlier MP Ross Thomson decided not to contest the 2019 general election. Flynn had a close contest with Douglas Lumsden of Conservative Party, but eventually he prevailed and won by a margin of around 4k votes. He received a total of 20,388 votes whereas his nearest rival got 16,398 votes. In percentage terms, their vote share was 44.7 percent and 35.9 percent, respectively.

Early life and education

Stephen Flynn was born in Dundee on October 13, 1988. His parents used to switch between Brechin and Dundee due to professional commitments, but eventually decided to settle in Dundee. After completing school, Flynn moved to college and completed his undergrad and postgrad education. He currently lives with his wife in central Aberdeen and they have a baby son from their marriage.

Political career

Stephen Flynn started his career by working as a Parliamentary Assistant to Maureen Watt MSP. His got his first big opportunity in 2015 when he won the Kincorth, Nigg & Cove seat to become an Aberdeen City Councillor. In the following year, he was elected as the SNP Group Leader. In 2019, he won the Aberdeen South constituency.

Personal pursuits

Stephen Flynn has numerous interests in addition to being a politician and serving the people of his constituency. In his free time, Flynn likes to listen to music, read books, watch football, and TV programs. In music, Flynn is a great fan of Bruce Springsteen who is an American singer, musician and songwriter. In an interview, Flynn said that he would love to have Bruce as a dinner guest. Flynn has seen several of Bruce’s live shows, but he thinks that a one on one chat with the legend will be a far more satisfying experience.

Flynn believes in honesty and values the relationships that he has in his life. According to him, his most treasured possession is his wedding ring. This shows his immense love for his wife. Flynn’s favorite TV show is The Sopranos, which he believes is just too good and cannot be matched by any other TV program. Flynn is also a very active individual and prefers spending time in the gym rather than lying down on a couch.

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