Stephen Kinnock

Stephen Kinnock is a British politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) from the constituency of Aberavon. The Aberavon constituency has been a stronghold of Labour Party since the 1922 general election. Since then, it has been won by Labour Party for almost a century now. It was only in the first election in 1918 that Aberavon constituency was won by Liberal party candidate Jack Edwards.

Stephen Kinnock represented the Aberavon constituency for the first time in 2015 general election. He garnered 15,416 votes, which was about 48.9 percent of the total votes cast. Two years later, Stephen Kinnock won again in 2017, when his vote count increased to 22,662. This was 68.1 percent of the total votes cast. Kinnock continued his winning streak in 2019 general election, when he received 17,008 votes, or about 53.8 percent of the total votes.

Early life and education

Stephen Kinnock was born on January 01, 1970 in the town of Tredegar, located in Monmouthshire (County of Monmouth). He was born to Glenys Elizabeth Parry and Neil Gordon Kinnock, both of whom are British politicians and member of the Labour Party. Kinnock completed his schooling from Drayton Manor High School, located in Hanwell, London. Later, he completed his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Queens’ College, Cambridge. Next, he did his Master of Arts (MA) in 1993 from College of Europe in Bruges. Kinnock married Helle Thorning-Schmidt in 1996, who went on to become the prime minister of Denmark in 2011.

Professional career

Before he joined the political mainstream, Kinnock had worked for more than two decades in private sector. His work has taken him to various locations across the globe such as Russia, Brussels, Switzerland and Sierra Leone. Kinnock is a talented individual and can speak five languages in a fluent manner. His experience includes working at various organizations such as the British Council, World Economic Forum and Xynteo.

Political career

Kinnock’s entry into the political mainstream was in March 2014, when he was chosen by the Labour Party to represent the Aberavon constituency. Subsequently, he won the general elections in 2015, 2017 and most recently in 2019. Since his election as an MP, Kinnock has done exemplary work for various communities in his constituency. His top priorities continue to be the people of Aberavon. In the British parliament, Kinnock has spoken on various important matters such as steel dumping by Chinese companies and Brexit.

Personal pursuits

Stephen Kinnock is a big fan of football and rugby. He regularly plays for the parliamentary football team. Kinnock is a keen athlete as well and likes to take part in mini marathon events. He also likes swimming. Kinnock’s other interests include reading and gym workouts.

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