Study debunks any link between fresh milk and elevated estrogen levels

Time and again, concerns have been raised about cow milk products such as fresh milk and healthy double toned milk. Apparently, there are vested interests that want people to discard that glassful of healthy cow’s milk and instead choose highly processed and chemically enriched plant based milk products such as soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, etc. Despite the barrage of accusations, cow milk and cow milk products have triumphed and remain to be the popular choice among the majority of people.

The benefits of cow milk products such as fresh milk and healthy double toned milk are backed by scientific evidence. A number of research studies conducted over the years have substantiated the immense benefits of cow’s milk. In one such research study, scientists have debunked the theory that cow’s milk can lead to increased levels of the hormone estrogen in humans. The accusation was that higher levels of estrogen in the blood increased the risk of certain cancers in humans. However, according to the findings of the new research, there is no link between consumption of fresh milk and increased estrogen levels. This goes on to show that certain sections of the industry are just trying to malign the dairy industry, so that they can sell their synthetic products at significantly higher prices.

The research study was conducted by a team of researchers working at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The purpose of the study was to ascertain the effects of consumption of fresh milk on the blood profile of adult mice. The mice were given standard doses as well as increased doses such as 100 times and 1000 times that of the standard dose. The results revealed that normal dose of milk did not have any impact on the blood estrogen levels in mice. Even when the dose was increased to 100 times, there was no significant increase in blood estrogen levels in mice. This was enough to prove that consumption of cow’s milk does not correlate to increased blood estrogen level.

The simple logical question one should ask is how cow milk can be bad when we have been drinking it since many centuries and that our ancestors were quite healthy. Moreover, there is plenty of scientific evidence to prove the health benefits of cow milk products such as fresh milk and healthy double toned milk. Choose facts over accusations, and you will be fit and fine.

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