Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

Style is a language that only a select few know how to speak. The vocabulary of style carries with it infinite possibilities, which can be used to convey who you are in very specific terms. Here are some of the things that can make all the difference when it comes to making a style statement:

It’s the way you dress–Your dress sense is vital for making the right style statement. It’s not just about sporting the top brands, but also about what best suits your personality. The color, shade, tone of the fabric, stitching style, fit, length etc. have to perfectly match your individual style. Your clothes needto be an extension of your inner self to be able to make the right style statement.

It’s the confidence you exude–Confidence creates richer experiences with people and helps achieve improved outcomes in a professional or business situation. With confidence, it is possible to hold sway over people and guide them towards a predetermined goal. With confidence, you can alsoreengineer people’s perceptions and help them visualize a new perspective.

It’s the things you do – Work hard, party harder, is the way to describe and live your life. It’s the challenges that thrill you and you are always on the lookout for the next one. You have developed your own rules and belief system and are unfazed by what the world may think or may have become.

It’s the things you own – Your prized possessions not only create envy, but also infuse a sense of respect and awe among people. It also inspires people to be like you; to become an achiever like you.It helps you operate from a commanding position from where you can determine the path ahead, as per your desire.

It’s your passion – The energy you radiate is powered by your passion to create excellence and seek perfection in every sphere of your work and life. You know you are here to create something meaningful and would work on it tirelessly till it’s achieved. People can sense your passion and are themselves motivated to be with you and contribute to achieve the goals you have set.

It’s your drink – Life’s a celebration for you and so is your drink. You have a discerning taste and you know the things that are pleasurable. You don’t fuss over getting the top-selling scotch or whiskey, but would rather go for something that’s really authentic and rich in taste. One such brandis Golfer’s Shot, a decent drink to chill out and enjoy on an evening. It features a bold blend of flavors, enhanced by woody notes, chocolate flavors, flowery notes and hints of smoke.


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