Suitable and sustainable electrical Aluminium at Bansal Dhatu Udyog

The electrical industry has successfully relied on Aluminium products for its variety of uses for a very long time and the Aluminium conductor are one of the main products that each and every electrical industry uses on a very wide range because of its suitable and sustainable features that it has shown for over 100 years.

Bansal Dhatu Udyog is one of the greatest and finest Aluminium conductors producers of all times since it has been there to serve its customers with its cost-effective, ready to use, reliable and suitable product to give its customers the utmost satisfaction from the greatness of its product by its huge Aluminium Wire drawing facilities across the country.

Our Aluminium cables are very useful for the electrical industry to give reliable and cost-effective connectivity resolving its huge demand and better sustainability in each and every aspect of its uses such as:

  • Conductivity: More than twice that of copper, per pound.
  • Lightweight: Ease of handling, low installation costs, longer spans, and more distance between pull-ins.
  • Strength: A range of strengths from dead soft to that of mild steel, depending on the alloy. The highest strength alloys are employed in structural, rather than an electrical conductor, applications.
  • Workability: Permitting a wide range of processing from wire drawing to extrusion or rolling. Excellent bend quality.
  • Corrosion resilience: A tough, protective oxide coating quickly forms on freshly exposed aluminium and it does not thicken significantly from continued exposure to air. Most industrial, marine and chemical atmospheres do not cause corrosion, providing the proper alloy is selected. The corrosion resistance of alloys can be improved by anodizing.
  • Creep: Like all metals under sustained stress, there is a gradual deformation over a term of years. With aluminium, design factors take it into account.
  • Compatibility with insulation: Does not adhere to or combine with usual insulating materials. No tin-coating required; clean stripping.
  • Other qualities of our aluminium conductor, such as thermal conductivity and fatigue resistance, have a bearing on the conductor section. The high-reflectivity and non-magnetic characteristics, as well as the properties under extremes temperature, are rarely associated with any commercial use of electrical conductors; hence are not considered herein.

We, at Bansal Dhatu Udyog, have always tried to give the best possible product to our customers and that’s our real motive of all time to serve best and to be best. Anyone can experience the reality, reliability and regards of our words in our product anytime that comes from our finest Aluminium Wire drawing facilities.

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