Sukumar Shetty, CFO of KBJ Group, talks about the company’s ever-growing diversification

KBJ Group, a company established in 2005 is based in Mumbai, India. Since the time of its inception, the company has been growing at a rapid pace. One of the key reasons behind their always escalating success is the company’s niche of expanding into multiple sectors. KBJ Group’s Chief Financial Officer, Sukumar Shetty, recently talked about the company’s diversification and why they do it.

In less than two decades of being founded, KBJ Group today has a prominent presence in multiple sectors. The company has expanded itself in bullion, real estate, agriculture, jewellery, and hospitality arenas. All set with a plan to initiate ethanol production, the company will also step into the chemical industry soon. The company’s CFO, Sukumar Shetty, has played a monumental role in driving the company so far.

Sukumar Shetty highlights that India’s thriving and diverse market is a major motivation behind KBJ Group’s diversification. “We expand into multiple sectors because we see the demand and need. KBJ Group as a company has always aimed to create positive changes in all industries that we work in,” said Sukumar Shetty.

He highlights that everyone at KBJ has the dream of being a prominent role player in India’s economy and adding value to it. “Diversification is one of the strategies that the company executes to fulfill this dream,” Sukumar Shetty further added. In all avenues that they have worked in, KBJ Group has always aimed at enhancing the respective sector through its own innovation, quality service, and promise of excellence. Sukumar Shetty is confident of the company’s current holdings and its future endeavors.

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